What are the chances I am pg?

My dh were planning on TTC from July,and I am monitoring my cycle etc in prep for this. This month we had a bit of a drunken fumble, the night after I got a + on my OV test and another + the night after. I have also been charting my BBT as well for the first time ever.

My cycle is normally 28 days long, except last month when it was only 23 days. I am now on CD 29. My bbt has not really fallen with the expectation that af is about to start (is it 36.77C this morning).

I dont know whether I will have a longer cycle this month since last month it was short last month.

What do you think?? Has anyone used BBT before- what cd does your temp start going down in prep for af?


  • I haven't used them hun, but by drunken fumble do you mean sex or just little naughtiness?

    If you've had sex hun, there's always a chance!
  • Hey hun

    you'll normally expect your temp to take a huge nosedive on the day of or before af is due. Sounds promising! xxx
  • From the timing of your 'fumble' in relation to your +ve OPKs it sounds like there is definitely a chance... if your AF would normally be due by now I would be tempted to do a test. Hope you get the result you want! xxx
  • Agree with Cass BBT will dive the day of or the day before AF is due. With your fumbling in between +ve OPK's you are definately in the ballpark for getting pg - good luck, I hope you get the asnwer you want image
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