Hi ladies...
Havent posted in a while so hope you dont mind me butting in!
Need help. Been ttc approx 7months...had a chem pregnancy in NOV 09.
in Dec I was getting married and going on honeymoon and my AF landed smack bang on my wedding day! so went to the Dr and he prescribed Norethisterone tablets to delay my AF.

He told me that it wouldnt effect Ovulation or my cycles and thati would come on a few days after finishing them... which I did. 29th Dec. He also knew I was ttc prevous and would be again afterwards which he said was fine!

But now im on CD30 of a usual 28 day cycle and no sign of the witch and many many BFN's under my belt.

Was wondering if n e 1 can shed some light? has n e 1 used Norethisterone before and had a problem with there cycles afterwards!!

I cant believe i actually want AF to come!!!

Thanks Girls


  • sorry hun didnmt even know it existed xx
  • Hi,
    I had to take this about a month ago but for different reasons- I seem to have PCOs and had to have a period before I could have some blood tests done.

    It sounds like it's maybe just lengthened your cycle for this month a little but I wouldn't worry too much (I kno it's easy to say). I would keep testing as sometimes it can take longer than 28 days for a bfp to show and keep waiting for the AF and then you'll get one or the other soon hopefully xx
  • thanks girls. hate this waiting game!!thanks hope09 x
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