I dont believe it !!! I just went back to check my clear blue fertility monitor and just expected the usual "high" which i have just about everyday for the past 3 months and its there a peak and a little egg !!!!!! WOOHOOOO Especially after seeing the doctor yesterday and her telling me to stop using it as i'm not OV !

Guess what I will be doing today!!! hee hee



  • YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,what are you doing on here go get bding!!! lol. xxxx
  • Good luck-wear him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
  • I cant he's outside working with the brick layers ..... I dont think he would appreciate me shouting it out the window LOL !!!

  • He might not but I bet the brickies would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wahooooo, that's fantastic news!!! Such a lovely feeling when you see the little egg! You make the most of it girl! xxx
  • Yay - I'm really chuffed for you as I think we are similar positions and I also got a peak this month after convincing myself I was never going to get one! Such a relief isn't it!!!
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