im worried

im worried that if i am pg it may be ectopic because im getting piercing pain in right of abdomen, i ache like crazy and feel really sick x help


  • thanks, can i phone hospital? i just dont feel right x
  • I agree with SB, phone nhs direct. 0845 4647.

    If you are really concerned go to a&e, in all honesty nhs direct will probably tell you to go there anyway.

    Fingers crossed all is okay for you hun xxx
  • defo get it checked just incase and to put your mind at rest. Good luck & hope you are ok.x
  • thanks girls. not sure whether to call them now as pains have gone but im left with bloated uncomfortable and achy tummy.
    dappytart - is that the actual full number?
  • Hiya, its up to u but id call them incase it comes bk in the middle of the nite.x
  • Yes Fiona, thats the correct number...

    Good luck...
  • thanks girls.
    just rang spoke to a man gave some details but he said a nurse will call me back in 30mins x
  • cool! I'm glad you called.x
  • Hi Fiona86
    If it is an ectopic then you would get a positive on a HPT. I was 8 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, bit of a surprise and it was an ectopic.

    Hope you get the answers you are looking for.
  • whats HPT?
    spoke to nurse and she said because I dont know if im pg theres nothing they can do so call dr in morning and get bloods done to see if am pg and in mean time take paracetemol for the pain. just not what i wanted to hear. i needed answers and i cant wait for blood test results
  • A pregnancy test is a HPT(home pregnancy test)

    Good Luck and hope you get a positive

  • ah being really dumn at the moment. wish i had one in the house
  • have you tested recently hun? hope you feeling better x
  • i secretly poas yesterday but bfn dont tell any1, way too early anyway
  • spoke to the dr this morning and he said i dont sound pg and if i had ectopic the pain would stay in one place? i am seeing a woman doc at 11.50 so dont know whats going to happen as he thinks it may be infection. tbh i dont think he can rule out pg over the phone. im going to demand blood test to see if i am pg and a scan to check on my ovarian cyst again because ive had enough of not feeling right for so long.
  • good luck fiona

    let us know how you get on!!!

    hopefully its good news!!
  • Good luck let us know how you get on... what sort of cyst do you have? did they say?
  • Turns out I have no infection, no baby and its all in my head! I will wait for af then go for it good and proper.
  • Babe are you worried about anything?? or stressed?? i know that might sound silly but I was worried I was pregs two weeks ago (was on the pill) and it caused me to have pains in my belly for a week. As soon as I did the tests to say I was not and then knew actually now is the time to star ttrying it went away.

    It was because I was stressed

    k XXXX
  • I dont know maybe im stressed but thats only because were trying. I dont think i was when the pains started about 2weeks ago, at first i didnt pay any attention to it just made a note in my diary.
    But from now on im not going to bore anyone with my symptom spotting, not even me. Im going to ignore it all and get on with my life. I feel like everything revolves around ttc and its driving me and oh crazy. its not healthy and thats prob part the reason its not happening. I think its harder to cope with when i have been so naive. i thought that after having a baby already its easy and it would happen as soon as coil was taken out. But nearly onto month7 and never knew it would be this hard. xxx
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