FAO Goonie

Hey hun, just wanted to say hi and ask how your Colp this month went? I have one on Fri....oh joy. x x


  • Hi,

    I went last week and they actually didn't even do one. Just a standard smear but in the Colp clinc, what a waste of time!!

    Fab news though, I got the results on Tuesday and they were normal so I don't have to go back until October image

    How are you getting on with ttc? We're just into month 6, I'm on CD4.

    Hubby is in hospital at the moment with meningitis (thankfully he's getting better) so I just hope he's home and ready to perform in 10 days or so!!! x
  • Oh my Lord! Poor you and hubby and thank goodness he is getting better. What a worry, did he have to have special care? Let's hope the rest has done his swimmers good!

    Fantastic news on the smear, phew, now you can crack on with TTC with no worries hanging over you.

    I'm def up for a biopsy on Fri. We are month 4 and 1DPO. They told me to continue TTC so I presume it will do no harm so early if we have been successful.

    I have my fingers crossed for you hun. Are you still BF? x
  • Hubby came home today which is great news. He's going to need a lot of rest but should be fine.

    Good luck with your biopsy tomorrow, will you get the results quickly?

    Fingers crossed for a BFP too image

    I am still breastfeeding which I think is probably a significant reason my luteal phase is so short. I was still more or less feeding throughout the day so I've cut back to morning and night feeds which is probably plenty seeing as he's one in 2 weeks!!

    I'm taking B6 too so I'm really hoping this is our month x
  • Hi ladies, pleased to hear your OH is on the mend Goonie-it must've been worrying.. Hi LisaMarie, hadn't realised you were ttc again-I tend to go on LTTTC now rather than here.
    Good luck to you both!
  • Helen so lovely to hear from you!! How are things going?
    Yes I'm back for my third and final.....must be mad but hubby and I don't feel like our family is complete and have a few problems with cell changes so am being closely monitored whilst TTC with the view to having treatment if needed after the baby is born. Just need to get pregnant now but hey....don't we all lol. x x

    Goonie, fantastic news on the husband's discharge hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Must have been a nightmare going back and forth to hospital with a lo.
    I've read about BF effecting LP, fingers crossed the vit B6 helps and a big well done for feeding for so long.

    We have to wait 6 wks here or a result, crap isn't it? x x
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