newbie and obsessed!

Hey everyone, I am new to the site. 3 month ttc and had chemical pregnancy last month. Just took two tests as I think I am 9 or 10 dpo and due af between Mon and Wed (cycles not that regular - between 26-29 days). The sainsburys test has a very faint line and the first response was negative. Not sure what to think especially after last month! Will try not to zoom down to tesco to buy more tests - seem to be obsessed at the mo - try testing again tomorrow.
Dreading feeling af cramps coming on, anyone else feeling the same?


  • hiya RachC - I am only 1st month ttc second baby. But af came to visit yesterday!! I still did a test cos i didnt believe it!! How stupid - will have to wait another 14 days and it seems like an age. Hope you get a positive result in a couple of days and no af!!! goodluck - you're still in with a good chance!
  • Hi em29, thanks for your reply. Its really nice to talk to people in the same boat and who understand how frustrating the wait is each month! Hope it doesn't go too slowly for you this month - I suddenly seem to find myself very busy with other things to pass the time so not thinking about it!
  • i try and do other stuff as well but have ended up on here everynight and it's not really taking my mind off ttc funnily enough! lol oh well, can try again in another week! goodluck! Let us know how you get on next week!
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