advise on websites plz

HI girls
WEll I'm cd11 and have looked on website so I can work out roughly when I'm fertile and ovulating but I'm getting diff days!

Wot do u lot use?

Thanks holly x


  • i use

    I have regular 28/29 day cycles and it's been highly accurate for me to predict AF and ov'tion...
  • I use, its fab and if you have the iphone there is an app you can sync with it.
  • Hi hols81.

    I've used mymonthlycycles too, It's great and really easy to use.
    Like Lampchop says there is an iphone app which sounds great too! I must search for it! x
  • im on there now trying 2 work it all out lol, i got a chart tht says my cycle day etc but its not showin when im fertile lol i got thr G2 fone so cant get tht app but have something similiar lol x
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