Finally got a positive OPK...with the cheapie's

Wahoo.....finally got a positive on my CB OV tests. CD17. Can't believe how chuffed i am at something so stupid.

I bought cheap ones last month from amazon and never got a positive so bought the CBD one's. Have taken everyone's advice about not drinking for 4 hours before or going to loo and have just had my first positive with both the cheap ones and the CBD.

So everyone the cheap one's work just as well at the clear blue.

Off to get jiggy!!!!;\)

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  • Hi,

    I used the cheap ones last month and got a positive - bang on the predicted time with Fertility Friend too. I've just bought a digital CBFM off ebay so think I'll be using the cheapies in the days before and the CBFM around the days I'm due to ovulate just to double-check (and to save money!)

    My cheapies chow a faint line in the days leading to ov and a nice dark line when I did, so I'm well chuffed.
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