smiley on CD8?

hello ladies, i am newbie!! its all so exciting!!

just wondered if anyone ca help me - i started using clear blue digital Ovulation Tests this month and today CD 8 I have a smiley - is this normal, or very early!

I am useless at this

Thanks ladies!


  • Hi there. welcome to TCC. Have you just come off pill? If not then irbid possible to ovulate on day 8. I've just started to use clear blue fertility monitor and I'm on day 9 and got a high. I also got ewcm (egg White cervical mucus) sorry tmi. So there is a good possibility I have ov'd. I don't think it is an issue really as long asbyour luteal phase (time between ov and period) is at least ten days i think. Don't quote me on that one but it is roughly that. If you have any other questions just ask away

    good luck

    V x
  • thank you so much for welcome and reply woo woo!
    I def had the ewcm and how gross it is! so have been busy with the
    thanks again and good luck too xxx
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