CD59 and I might be in the 2ww!

Hi Guys

Just a quick update on me for anyone on here who remembers me!

CD59 today and had all but given up hope that I might OV, when temp started going up yesterday and I've just put my temps into FF and it says I OV on Saturday!! Pleased at that, but the BD around then wasn't great - Thurs night, and then Sun night. Hmmmm, not holding out much hope image

Went to see a psychic today too and among lots of other stuff I won't bore you with, she said I would have a baby within 2 years but there were other things to happen first - humph image !!!

Take care ladies, and congrats on the millions of BFPs I've missed!

T xxxx


  • Keeping my fingers crossed fergy
    Im on CD43 and i think im ov at the mo so i know how you feel
    Good luck
    PMA PMA x x
  • hi hun, i ov'd friday so looks like we in 2ww together again. ive already had af cramps so not holding out much hope but ok with things.

    you never know august could be our
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