Oh no AF is on her way...!

Got a slight headache and had one bit of spotting on Friday evening. CD29, cycle normally between 28-32 days.

Kind of feel cheated as we tried SMEP this month, used pre-seed, used OV sticks so know exactly when GO GO days were!!! LOL...

All that effort and nothing! Oh well onto cyle 8/9!!! I haven't been gettting my hopes this month as last month i did and was devastated when it was a chemical pregnancy.

Sorry for whining!!!!



  • Hi hun

    It could be implantation, also can I just ask what happened when you had a chem preg am going through a similar scenario I bled for a little last week when af was late but since my af stopped Ive since had af symptoms again and been testing since wed morn Ive had 2 v.v.v. faint lines on FRER and a faint line on predictor test yesterday morning with fmu, done an SD test this morn line barely there.

    From your experience am I having a chem pregnancy? I just need to know and if so when will I start getting complete BFN's i.e. no faint lines etc.

    Fingers crossed you get your BFP hun xx
  • I POAS around CD30 (cycles normally 28-32) and i had a very faint line on the FR in the morning and in the evening. Then had some faint spotting CD 32 ish and some cramps and then did a CB test which came up not pregnant which was devastating to be honest. AF seen made an appearance CD34!!!!

    Hopefully your not having a chemical pregnancy. Leave it a couple of days- i know thats hard!!! I found it so hard.... hopefully the line will get stronger!
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