Advice please!!

Ladies... I have been so down. My temp dipped yesterday and had spotting and cramps. If AF had come yesterday it would have mean that I had a LP of 7 days. I cried and cried. Hubs was so sweet, he said, whatever I can do to make this happen I will do etc. Got over it, decided to try B6 next month to help the short LP. Then, in the afternoon, still did not have AF so thought, what the hell, i've got cheap test, just try one... BFN. Wasn't really gutted because I had resigned myself to it anyway. Spent the rest of the day researching short luteal phase and how to help it. Decided that I am lacking progesterone and thought if the B6 didn't work, then the month after I would try a progesterone cream.
This morning, I woke up and took my temp about an hour later than usual, and found it had gone back up. So straight away with FMU did a cheapie test. Could see much after 5 mins thought perhaps there might be an EXTREMELY faint line, but hubs said he couldn't see it, and on reflection I was sure it wasn't there. Anyway, then hubs remembered that he had to go to Sainsbury's to get some stuff. So I grudgingly (sp?) agreed to come as I thought, well maybe I can get some B6 and see if they've got any offers on pg tests. Bought a pack of FRER and CBD's. Came home, still expecting AF at any moment, went to the loo and thought as you don't need FMU with FRER I might as well try (btw, I'm only 9dpo at this point and AF is theoretically due today), so did the test. First thing I noticed was that the control line was extremely thin. So left it and went to put the kettle on. By the time I came back, the control ine was still really thin, but there was a fainter line, also really thin, next to it. It's actually quite an obvious line, but just thin. SO my question is this, should the line be thick like they look on the pictures or does it not matter? Does the thinness of the lines mean that the test is faulty? I've told so many other girls on forums that a line is a line, but I'm not sure that I can quite believe it myself.
I'm also sure that it could be a chemical pregancy as I'm only 9dpo, so I fully expect AF to show and to be back to square one. So please don't congratulate me yet!! I just really want advice about whether the test could be faulty of not...
fingers, toes and thumbs crossed,
Baby dust for everyone.
ps. am so so scared.


  • I have no idea whether the test could be faulty but I didnt want to R+R...I really hope its a sticky bean for you, just not ready to completely show its face yet! (& as you say a lines a line!)

    Sending good luck, baby dust & hugs in your direction...

    x x x
  • Thanks hun.
    Have taken a photo, in fact Hubs and I didn't even have time to get excited because I started rushing around desparately searching for the camera!
    I'll try and put it up in a tick.
  • Ok, not sure if this will work, but would appreciate any feedback!

  • Sorry, That is HUGE, but at least you can see it!!
  • Its a line hun!!!! xxxx
  • Looks like a *definate* line to me...

    *whispers* congratulations

    I really hope this is your BFP image

    x x x x
  • *whispers* thank you curls!
    I have three CBD's so might do one with FMU tomorrow before I accept that this is real! The words will make it real-er!
  • Congrats pet! That definitely looks like a BFP to me! xx
  • Well I can defo see a line too hun... i know we're only whispering at the moment but *congrats* xx
  • Hi Saripop, fancy seeing you here!

    Congratulations, definitely looks like a BFP for me (never had my own yet but I've seen a friend's test that was fainter than yours and a positive). Really happy for you, enjoy your pregnancy image
  • Hi kittens, thought I recognised your name! You'll notice I cut and pasted the message that I put on ttc to here!

    So, the line is still on the test. But should I still be having AF type cramps and a bit of spotting (all brown tho)?
    I suppose that now after the ssing come the worries about bean stickiness... FFS why can't I just not worry and deal with things as they come?!

    Don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight...
  • *whispers* congratulations! that def looks like a bfp to me! really hoping its a sticky one for you xxx
  • Hope it's a definite BFP - all the very best!! x
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