FAO dotty1977

Hi dotty1977. How are you feeling?


  • Hi Laura,
    I feel nothing!! Still hoping that AF won't turn up on Saturday, got some cramping but apart from that no other symptons!
    How about you, got any symptons showing up?
    Got my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi Dotty
    Nothing could be good news! I know so many people that didn't have any symptoms and then find out they are pregnant. The taste in my mouth has finally eased and my (.)(.) aren't as sensitive but still hurt to touch and the veins are still there but I can't remember if they were there before! image We will have to wait and see. I'm a bit irritable today though and feeling quite tired but I think it could my emotions and the wait.

    Are you going to test on Saturday or just wait?

    Good luck! I have everything crossed for you.

  • Hi Laura,
    I had the metallic taste last week for a couple of days, not noticed it since. Since I wrote on here this morning i've also needed a good cry!! It just came out of nowhere, felt a bit of of an idiot but luckily no-one was in the office with me at the time!! Lets hope it's not AF hormones, I don't usually get emotional before my period!!
    I didn't have any symptons at all with my last pregnancy, the first sysmpton i got was my AF being 2 days late. We were actvely trying but had been for 18 months, but we were in the middle of moving house so i didn't notice immediately that it was late. Then the sore boobs hit me about 2 days later!! Sickness didn't hit until I was about 8 weeks and then ended at around 13 weeks.

    I'll probably test on Saturday if AF doesn't show, if i get a BFN and still no AF I'll wait until Tuesday.

    Good luck Laura, I really hope this is our month xx
  • So maybe it is our subconcious then! Symptoms could be absolutely nothing. We will see!

  • Hi Laura, Not long to go!! Still no sign of AF, not feeling poitive about a BFP this month!! Stomach pains turned out to be a kidney infection!! Keep me posted on how you get on image
  • I'm out, the witch got me this afternoon!! If anything at least I know my cycles are back to the normal 28 days!!
    How about you?? I hope you have better luck x
  • Hi dotty! Sorry, only just seen your reply. Sorry to hear the witch arrived. Yes, I got AF on 21st as well! It's like clockwork. Do you know what day you ovulate though? I think I have been ovulating later than I thought so will be BDing every other day rather than certain days.
  • Oh, I'm sorry she got you too Laura!! I ov'd on day 15 last month, hope i don't ov on the 5th Dec, I'm away from home for the night so fingers crossed I don't miss it!!
    Oh well, here's to another month of trying, good luck xx
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