Has the pressure of a baby affected anyones relationship?

The stress of trying to conceive each month has really taken it's toll on mine and DH relationship. We used to have sex to have sex and it was fun and sexy now we have sex coz I'm fertile or it's near ovulation and it's all about "timing"

Has anyone elses relationship changed since trying for a baby and what have you done to improve the situation?

Trying to conceive has been the most stressful time in my life so far - does anyone else feel like this?

Would love to here everyones elses experiences

My hubby says he feels like a sperm machine and thats it LOL



  • I'm sure my husband feels like that too. He had never said no to me before we ttc and now he sometimes does. I think, although they really want kids too, the reality of conciously making a baby can be really scary. As I said to my DH, all you have to do is have a bit of fun! I will have to stop drinking, carry the little one, have my internal organs pushed up inside me til Ii can hardly breath and then go through hours and hours of pain in labour! Plus, take a pay cut etc. Think he got the message and all seems a little easier!!!!

  • Ha Ha I like that. Iv'e not used that one before but think I will now, bet your DH's face dropped when you said that didn't it? I might say to mine, you're not the one thats going to be pushing something like the size of a melon out of something the size of a satsuma LOL
    My dH is worried that he may not be able to give me children..... that makes him really scared.
  • I'm sure that's always a worry. Especially for a man. They get very precious over that kind of thing, like it affects their manly status or something. I'm sure we all worry about that. I certainly do especially with time ticking away.

    It is stressful though but you will get through it. Just imagine how it will be when you've created your own little boy or girl and you can watch him playing football in the park. Just imagine!! He will love that thought too.......it will be just brilliant.

    Good luck with it all.

  • I only started trying this monday and already Hubby is feeling the strain of having to do it on cue. I would say try to not think about when the time is right or when you are OV and just try to bd every other day or maybe every thtee days to take the strain off and again try to have fun though trust me I know hoe hard this can be!!

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