my blood results are back

and i cant bear the wait! i spoke 2 the hospital on friday who said all my test results have returned and that my consultant would look at them today and they would send me an appointment if he wanted to see me.

i cant do with the waiting, do you think if i rang the hospital they would just tell me if my tests came back normal or not just so i could prepare myself as this will be the final step to finding out if i will ever be able to carry children.

i dont want to be a pain to them but its such a bad waitin game


  • Hiya hun, im sorry that your still waiting for answers, when I have test in the past I rang up and they told me they were fine and no action was needed, on the other hand when I rang on a dif occasion they told me something had come up and to arrange an appointment, its worth a try xxxx
  • im sure they must understand how hard it us for us waiting and im not asking them to tell me what is wrong just if there is something.
    to be fair they must get it all the time and surely they understand how difficult it is for us
  • Hi sally, i've worked in out patient departments in hospital and the receptionists and nurses are generally very helpful and give you all the info they are allowed to. You should def phone, they do understand how anxoius the waiting game is. Hope you get good news xxx
  • hiya, hope ur ok? i would phone hun good luck and let us no any updates xxx
  • well i rang them, she said i have an appointment very shortly as the consultant wants to see me, the fact that they have got my in so soon worries me.
    she said she cant tell me anything about the tests as she cannot acssess them she only knows when they have returned.
    she is just getting i touch with my consultants receptionist and calling me back, not sure why but just waiting now for her to ring and tell me my appointment,
    so very nervous!!
  • Maybe they've had a cancellation so have given you that slot; hence why it is earlier than you were expecting. Doesn't have to be bad news!! Fingers are crossed for you hon, as always xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you Sally, you've been through enough. Please let us know how you get on x
  • Fingers crossed for you Sally I echo what Goonie says and really hope you get some answers soon

    Take care xx
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