OV Question ......

Hi All

Last month I had lots of EWCM on CD18 - so this seems to be the day I Ovulated. AF Came exactly 2 weeks later. So all good.

This month I am now on CD20 and have had no EWCM (not that I have noticed anyway). Does the day of Ovulation change each month?? Can it change by a lot? I did have pains in my right side on CD13 - could that have been ovulation? Or is it too early?

Sorry for all the qns - little confused by it all

Thanks xxxx


  • Yep, our bodies are funny things and basically do whatever they want lol! So that means it could happen earlier or later than the month before. Best way to keep track is with OPKs or BBT tracking as well as looking at CM x
  • The pains in your right side on cd13 could have been ov pains hun.

    i usually get these too x
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