TTC Food Diary - Ladies Welcome :\) Part 2

I thought i would do this seen as no one else had yet image

I haven't been on for a while but i haven't really eaten much so i will do yesterdays and start from then.

2 slices of toast with ICBINB light
salad from morrisons salad bar
packet of crisps
bowl of tom soup (heinz)
2 x cheese on toast
2-3 glasses of juice



  • Hiya I have now officially joined TFAB so I will now start again image
    Think I only posted once on the other thread (I know bad)

    Will come back on later to write in what I had for today.
  • Welcome back Tink image We missed you hunny xx

    Welcome to LivyS & ttc2ndbaby, nice to have you ladies with us image

    Hope everyone is ok and excited that tomorrow we will be in single figures when counting sleeps til santa image image

    Today I have had
    Ham Salad Sandwich
    Ready Salted Walkers
    Sausages cooked on George, mash, beans and cheese.

    Thats it for today. Not especially good. Not especially bad :lol:

    I'm so tired today :cry: going to have a walk round Asda later then go to bed and sleeeep!!! Really struggled getting up for the past few days.. AF must be wearing me out :lol: I know its not too much BD'ing :lol: xx
  • yay welcome back tink and welcome girls.

    bb i cant wait now getting so excited, cant believe xmas is nearly here.

    well today i have eaten

    cup of tea
    2 slices toast and jam
    some cool doritos
    handful of haribo
    cup of tea
    not sure bout dinner not really hungry
  • whoohoo, xmas is so close now and I added some more things to DHs stocking

    welcome to the new ladies, great to have some more people on this thread!
    And am sooo glad that you are back Tink!!! Hope you are staying now

    today I had
    fruit and fibre
    carrot sticks with hummus
    roast beef sandwich
    some choc crispy things
    spicy bean burger and steamed veggie rice

    1L water, 0.5L orange juice, 0.5L peppermint tea
    5miles walking

    have been feeling nauseous every day between 5and7pm for the last three days and have no idea what that is about....really dying to know now if I get an xmas bean...well, a couple more days and I will now, don't have any sticks and won't be in town til Friday so now way I can test early again.

  • aww shuck i really hope you get a xmas bean. youve done really well today i just cant get into the swing of it at all. with lo ill ive been sleep deprived since last tuesday so just dont have the energy to think about healthy meals and stuff. she is on the mend now so hoping to get back on track as sson as xmas is

    tonight i had

    a bowl of potato wedges and butter
    some more cool doritos
    cup of tea
    digestive biscuits

    forgot to put down that i had a glass of gradpefruit juice and a glass of full fat milk.

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  • angel, am so glad that your lo is getting better and hope that you can get some more sleep soon
    and you are not doing that badly, just random meals but not too much
  • Hiya
    was a bit bad yesterday image but I have my AF the now so never eat that great when I have it!

    Had Honey Cheerios, semi skimmed milk
    Toast and jam
    Packet of ready salted crisps ( walkers)
    2 rocky biscuits
    A chinese takeaway :O

    ong I t looks even worse typing it!!
    Will be extra good today.

    Will head back to the gym after christmas (was on my christmas night out at weekend and fell and done in my knee :O)

  • hi ladies, i am off out for my xmas lunch at work in a min - so, so far just had weetabix and an apple.
    i am having baked salmon with hollandaise sauce and a mars bar and baileys cheesecake - YUMMM!
    very bad i know, but it cant be helped - teehee!!

    dinner tonight will just be a small bowl of pasta.

  • Lol i think AF week is a bad time for anyone, i eat as though i have about 5 beans in my tummy lol.

    Ooooh i love Xmas lunches, all the lurvly food image

    Well yesterdayi had 2 toast with ICBINB light and hartleys "no bits" jam
    cheese, ham and pickle sandwich
    packet of skips
    pomegranate seeds (handful)
    rice krispie masrhmallow square
    pasta and a chicken and mushroom slice
    2 toast with ICBINB light and jam again
    cup of hot milk with coffee in

    i was really bad yesterday but i am quite stressed because i still havent peaked on my CBFM yet image

    Welcome to livvyS and ttc2ndbaby - hope you enjoy our crazy :lol: thread xx
  • Could I join in with this please ladies?
    I've actually got a first interview to be a weight watchers leader some time in January and I've been putting on weight for the last couple of weeks so I need to lose about 4lbs before then.

    My shameful diary for today is;
    b. 1 and half pancakes with low fat butter
    l. lasagne and chips - shared with my son though and some chocolate snowman.
    d. going to have veggie bolognese and broccoli - without the pasta to try and make up for all the chocolate!

    I'll try and be a bit less of a piggy tomorrow, but it's my son's toddler group xmas party and the cakes will be piled high!
  • Hi Ladies and welcome MrsC06,

    Hope everyone is ok and getting excited for Christmas, I am image

    Today I have eaten

    Hartleys Jelly
    Ham & Cucumber Sandwich
    Ready Salted Hula Hoops
    Chicken Fajitas with Salad

    Bloody shattered again today. Don't know whats up with me, OH is the same though so I'll blame the weather :lol: xx
  • Welcome MrsC06, your diary isnt that bad for today. Plus it is nearly Xmas so my motto is "go crazy" :lol: doesnt really help does it????

    Today i have eaten
    2 toast with ICBINB light and jam
    coffee 2s ss milk x2
    melon and grapes
    pasta, coleslaw and salad from the salad bar at morrisons
    quarter of a banoffee pie (a treat from work) it was about the size of my palm
    ham sandwich and a bag of wotsits

    i havent really excercised today apart from rushing around at work and then shopping on my dinner break and when i got home i hoovered, mopped the kitchen, cleaned all the tops, cleaned out the microwave, moved the kitchen around a little, cleaned all the toaster out, washed all the pots and put them away. surely that classes as some form of exercise :lol:

    Oooh BB i could really eat chicken fajitas and some BIG FAT CHIPS................YUMMY lol, i am in a carbs mood today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • welcome MrsC06
    loosing weight over xmas? wish you very good luck with that

    today was last day of classes and work and now I have nearly 4weeks of hols in which to prepare for a horrendous exam... well, for now I am chilling out and preparing xmas stuff

    also think that AF is on her way, feeling awful, think I have a tummy no xmas bean for me image

    here is what I had today
    fruit and fibre
    chocolate covered nuts(about 20)
    2little jars of baby fruit pur????e(100kcals each)
    oven chips and schnitzel

    not much but not very healthy, am not feeling well and arguing with DH doesn't help
    5little pieces gingerbread
  • Oh Shuck, why are you arguing with OH babe? I think you need a little PMA pick up so I am sending you my reserves... Don't make me make you go through old BFP posts and see that every single lady that had their BFP has been completely different to the next so don't you be writing your xmas bean off!! Ohhh I've told you off a lot this week :lol: and its nearly xmas so don't make me do it again image

    Go and see your OH, tell him you love him and have a big cuddle :\) xx
  • Beth you answer made me laugh, you are so nice, thanks for the PMA image really needed that
    And you can tell me off as much as you like... am still in happy xmas mood and you get to practice for having lo LOL
    argued with OH about him thinking that now he works again, I have to do all the housework although he only works an average of25hrs and I study full time and work 15hrs too...well, never mind, he got upset but now we are OK
    and I want making up sex LOL but too scared of AF
  • welcome mrsc06. i have gave up for over chrsitmas, i will start again in the new year.

    af is the worst time and i always think you should just give your body what is

    aww shuck sorry your arguing with oh, i really hope your wrong and it is your bfp. my lo is much better thank you so hoping for some sleep tonight.

    well today i have eaten

    cup of tea
    2 slices toast and jam
    cup of tea
    can diet pepsi
    1/2 special fried rice & some prawn crackers
    can of cola
    glass of full fat milk.
    4 jelly babies
  • Toast and jam for brekkie
    ready salted crisps for lunch
    Prawn and noodle stir fry (which OH made :O )
    A wee bar of glalaxy chocolate (well I do have af :P )

  • ttc2ndbaby lucky you for getting your dinner made, not something that happens in our house very
  • haha or mine ever!!! mmmm wonder what hes up to :P
  • Hey everyone,

    Hope you are all having good days image

    Today I have had
    About 5 spoonfulls of Cheerios
    Mini Sausage roll
    Mini scotch egg
    slice of pizza (fuddle at work)
    Ham Sandwich
    Ready Salted Hula Hoops
    Half an apple
    4 slices of a frozen Tesco pizza tonight

    OH got us some cheesecake from Tesco which I will probably have later while watching Gavin & Stacey image

    Shuck hunny how are you? You must be nearing the end of your 2ww - I so hope you get your BFP this month.

    Angel & Tink where abouts are you ladies in your cycles?

    I hope MrsLolly is ok after her bad news last week, keep looking out for her but don't think she has been on :cry: xx
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