hi everyone :)

hey everyone,

well i rang the hospital today, all my blood tests are back, the doctor will be looking at them on monday and they will then send me an appointment. hope i dont have to wait to long as its been bad enough.

hows eveyone doing??? **sending you all lots and lots of babydust**


  • Hi Sally good to hear from you. I hope you don't have to wait long too, I know how you feel. Perhaps they can give you some idea over the phone if they can't get you an appointment quickly?

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  • Hi Sally! agggh, I can't believe you have to wait longer - that's not fair :\( Hoping you get an appt. soon..

  • Hi Sally, hope you dont have too much longer to wait and that everything comes back ok. You've been so strong waiting all this time! It's daft; the doc is looking at them mon so why cant they give you an appointment now?! Grrr. Still, the end is in sight.

    How're you doing in yourself? Other than annoyed at more waiting?
    I'll be coming back to TTC soon I hope - just having to wait at the minute to see if I miscarry naturally or have to have the operation (really gunning for natural at the minute!). But will be back as soon as its over I'm sure!! xxxx
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