Fighting the urge!

I think I'm out this month (although the witch isn't here yet) and am already looking ahead to next month, which will be month four. I have resisted the urge up until now but I have an overwhelming urge to start with smiley face sticks, preseed etc next month! My nubby thinks it's all a waste of money but at the mo I just feel that I am wasting time more than anything else. So I guess my question is when did everyone start with all or any if these things? Also really fighting the urgeto start using them and just 'forget' to tell DH for now. I don't feel comfortable lying about it but I don't see any real harm and I don't think he realises the pressure I feel. This would be my first and I'm just coming up to 32, just really want to give this our best shot x x


  • totally agree with you I started from day 1! DH knows think he thinks its a waste of money too but he isnt sitting their thinking what if at 3pm when he should be working! different for us definitely! x
  • I know and also at 3am when I should be sleeping! Just really wanted to know from others that I wasn't being crazy wanting to try these things when we haven't actually been trying all that long x
  • I haven't gone in for all the charting temps, ov sticks, preseed etc... yet but after an early mc and 5 months of ttc I think it might be on the cards for us.

    Thankfully my hubs is in favour, he just says that he wants a bubba as much as I do and will do anything, bless him!

    Not sure how I would be able to keep charting temps and using the preseed from him if I was to keep it a secret??

    Maybe your hubs thinks after only a few months of trying it is early to get into all that?? When we first started trying I was adament I didn't want to get into all that and put that added pressure on us but after an early mc I will try anything I guess to get that sticky bean.

    Good luck girls, babydust to us all xxx
  • I know I don't really think I could hide it either if I'm honest, I really don't know what to do for the best. I'll probably calm down in a few days! X
  • I started using OPKs on month 2. I was really nervous about telling hubby but he was surprisingly fine with it. He even asked me "have you peed on your stick yet?" a couple of of times from about CD10 (it's so funny when men start to use the TTC lingo!) So you never know - yours might actually become interested in spite of himself if/when you decide to use them.

    I did swear to start with that I wouldn't use OPKs until I'd been trying for 6 months, but then I just thought for goodness sake, the science is there and it's cheap and available - why should I feel guilty about using it when a) it will help me get to know my own body better and b) I really want a baby?

    We use science and technology nowadays in so many aspects of our life that I don't see why TTC should be something we *have* to do 'blind', so to speak, and if it helps us to be more in tune with how our bodies work so much the better.

    Obviously some people don't like the idea of OPKs and of course I would never say that people *should* use them... just that if you want to, don't feel bad / guilty about it in any way! xx
  • I started month 1 as wellimage Husband knows I'm mad and a bit of a control freak! Didn't happen for us straight away but I'm really glad I did as it showed up other problems (I don't ovulate), I got put on medication etc and now have my LO.

    I am thinking of starting to ttc again soon (hence the lurking around!) and have already started with the CBFM just in preparation! I am mad!!!
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