I have stopped bleeding

I am sorry if you are all sick of me but I don't really know who else to talk to about this. I stopped bleeding last night. There was no blood on the towel this morning and nothing yet today. I am waiting for the doctor to call me back at the moment and trying really hard not to pin all my hopes on the fact that I only bled for about 30 hours and maybe there is a chance the bean is still there. I really hope they get me in for a scan I just want to know one way or the other. Thanks again for all your support girls over the last few days.


  • Don't be silly, we are all here for you and eager for news on how you're doing. It sounds like there is definitely a chance you'll get good news at your scan, although I understand you don't want to get your hopes up too much. I hope you can take time off work until then and keep rested and looked after.
  • Oh my god how could any of us be sick of you!!! Its sounds good that it only lasted 30 hours. Maybe it was your body going mental for a while. I really really hope that things are still ok and that the scan can come soon. When fo you get early scan?? Are you still gettting positive pg tests? xxxxxx
  • socks
    we are not sick of you and never will be! we are all here for you if and when you need us. i hope time starts flying for you and that your scan goes well. i'm still crossing my fingers and hoping that your bean is still sticking. ((BIG HUGS))
  • We would never get sick of you. Im sooooo pleased you have stopped bleeding. I really hope your bean is ok. Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • dont be silly i saw your thread and went yay! out loud, i really hope little bean has clung on for you, i have my fingers crossed for you too socks, xxxx
  • that is good news then!! *hugs* fingers (and everything else) crossed that everything's ok.
  • don'y be daft honey we're all here for each other hopes, fears and tears!

    I'm sure u've heard it a dozen times but its perfectly normal to bleed and have the pg be viable!
    Fingers crossed 4 u honey. xxxx
  • Thanks girls. Just spoken to the doctor, I have an appointment at 10.30 on Tuesday and she will do another pregnancy test. If it comes back positive she will then scan so fingers crossed. She said she couldn't test before because even if I have lost it my HCG levels might still be too high to have a negative so I should be clear by Tuesday. Roll on Tuesday! I actually feel quite sick now!
  • I am keeping everything crossed for Tuesday socks!
  • lots of positive thoughts being sent your way socks!
    Fingers crossed you and bean are well.

    My friend bleed all the way through her last pregnancy and she has a healthy 3 month old now, so not always the worst sign.
  • Everything crossed for you Socks! Have a relaxing weekend with your feet up and take it easy, let us know how you get on xxx
  • we're not sick of you we are here for you
    good luck for tuesday hope little bean is still correct and present everythink crossed xxx
  • hope all goes well. will be thinking of you.

  • really pleased the bleeding as stoped,hopefully that is a good sign and you havent been in any pain so thats another good sign,will keep everything i have crossed for you,good luck for tuesday

  • Good luck for Tuesday Socks.

    And not another word about us being sick of hearing from you! When you weren't around yesterday we were all asking after you. Take care x
  • Im so glad your ok, Ive been thinking about you. Its good that your going to get seen early next week, let us know how you get on xxxx
  • aww i really hope everything is ok on tues. keeping everything crossed for you.xxx
  • Don't give up hope, I have been there!

    I bled quite heavily for 48 hours early on in both of my pregnancies. I also had to have an early scan at 6 weeks and both times I feared the worst because of the amount of blood. But, both pregnancies resulted in healthy, happy baby girls - now 2 and 4!

    It is quite common to bleed early on so I am keeping all my fingers crossed for you that your little bean is okay.

    (It is awful waiting though - I started bleeding on my birthday with my second daughter and had to go out for a family meal, thinking that I was miscarrying as I didn't want to say until I knew for sure - couldn't think of an excuse to cancel!). Tuesday must seem like a long way away at the moment, but keep strong.
    Let us know how you get on
  • Really hope your little bean is doing ok and you get good news on Tues. And as the others say we are definately not sick of you in the slightest. Rest, rest and rest some more.
  • hey socks we aren't sick of you!!
    i am really pleased the bleeding has stopped. i hope you get some good news next week.
    make sure you take care of yourself hun xx
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