Should i test? ...

Evening lovely ladies,

This is my 1st month ttc ( fell preg with dd1 in 1st month) and i have been experiencing alotta pains really low down on one side of tummy, spotting and loadsa cm (tmi soz lol), I am not due my period until 14th, so another 6 days. Do u think it is too early to test? :roll:

I feel the same as i did when i fell preg with Jaimi-Lee and today i have been quite sicky and queezy feeling, what uz think? image xx


  • OMG would you test pleeeeeeeeease!!!
    i am so curious!!!!

    what harm can a test do? if its negative then wait a few more days, but if your experiencing symptoms then you must have enough HCG in you!!!

  • It does sound hopeful but I would wait another day or 2. The tests that say 6 days early if you read the leaflet actually mean 5 days before af is due :roll:

    I did get my BFP on 9DPO so tomorrow or the next day for you.

    Lots of luck and I fell preg 1st month twice so it is possible xxx
  • Well i wasted a test last week, cudnt resist even tho i knew it wud be a BFN! hehe! Will i waste another? Would it show up on CD24? x
  • How many days is your cycle? If its 28 then yes it might show up xx
  • Theyre cheap enough to buy tho eh?? lol!!
    Yes 28 day cycle, but thats on the pill, dunno what it is without pill lol, xx
  • i dunno!!!! id test but then i guess waiting another 2 days wouldnt harm if you dont want to waste another test.

    gosh i really hope you are! xxxxx
  • just get some cheapy ones from asda! thats what a tested positve on with evie! xxxx
  • Do you know when you ovulated? If your 9DPO or more then go for it. I know I recommend waiting but I myself can never wait ;\)
  • The morning is the best time to test eh? Can i resist until then?? or will i run upstairs now?? argh!! x
  • go do a test now hun, i am curious!!!! dont be to disheartend if bfn tho as its still early in ur cycle xxxxx
  • run upstairs now!!!! xxxx
  • Get upstairs now lol!! I want to know. As I'm typing this a clear blue advert is on the tv - so I think that's saying something lol!!
    Go on do it!! x
  • Ahh test lol

    I am due next week and I sooo want to test but going to resist for a few more days image (well I will try)
  • ive been at work tonight, but i'll be looking out for your news tomorrow morning!!
    hope its the result you want
  • How did you get on hun?
    fingers crossed for a bfp
  • Oohh Sharon do tell us your news!! Hope its a bfp for you hun! xx
  • I know i wouldn't be able to wait!!! I've got everything crossed for you image xx
  • It was bfn, but it thot it would be so im worried, ill wait another few days, maybe weekend. The spotting has stopped but the pains are still there and i feel sicky and tired, fingers crossed xx
  • yeh defo fingers crossed for you!!
    your not out until the ugly witch shows herself haha.

  • Good luck for the weekend huni!! It is very early at the mo so fingers crossed for you. x
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