Me & hubby have only been trying to TTC this month and I am pregnant, we cant believe it totally in shock...what now!? Ive told the doctor but they have just booked me to see a midwife begining of Sept but im now worried to breath incase something goes wrong before then!


  • Wow Congratulations hunny so exciting Just relax take it easy and enjoy the next 9 months xx
  • wow thats brilliant! congratulations! you gp should see you before your midwife normally, and you shouldnt be having to wait until september! usually you see the midwife at around 7 weeks pregnant i think? so when is your due date?

    ashy ximage
  • HI I think my due date woudld be 10th April. I only spoke with the receptionist she told me to collect a folder which I did yesterday and booked that appointment for me, do you think I should make it soon?
  • congratualtions you lucky lady

    midwives round here see you from 7 weeks x
  • Congratulations hun! Wonderful news! I can't really give you much in the way of advice but I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months x
  • Oh wow your one of the lucky ones to fall straight away image
    Many congratulations.

  • Don't worry hun one day at a time - you be ready when it arrives :\)

    MW should see you at around 7 wks! Good luck.xx
  • congrats, and thats all you can do for now im afraid, i no its hard, but you just have to try and relax. i no thats pretty much impossible, coz i no when i get pg i will probs be scared to poop in case i squeeze my bean out! hahaha. as baby on board says, just take it one day at a time good luck xxx
  • Congratulations huni xxxx
  • Blimey you lucky thing! Congratulations!

    lol at Mrs Me being afraid to poop!
  • congrats hun!!

    i think its all different depening on where you are
    here you go to the dr and then wait for your 12 week scan appoinment to come through, you dont see a MW until then when you are booked in

    just relax and let the fabulous news settle in, the first few days after your BFP are overwhelming!
    congrats again xxxx
  • Im still in shock and your right Mrs Me I am to scared to poop! I had some mild period pain on Saturday but read that this is normal and I have had no bleeding. I feel like I want to take a test every day just to make sure I still am as I have no symptoms yet
  • Congratulations! I got my BFP last Wednesday and have also spent the last few days worrying so I think it's completely natural to panic-it really doesn't make the waiting any easier though unfortunately!!
    Im now on my 6th pregnancy test lol, and after doing a clearblue digital today and getting 'pregnant 2-3' I'm going to TRY and kick the habit!!!
    Congratulations again and I'll see you in DIA!!xx
  • congrats the only thing i can say is enjoy if for the now and just relax again its easier said than done lol take each day as it comes
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