Day 21 Progesterone test

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  • from Nad.
    took me 20 minutes to find picture this morning...
  • Hi All,

    We've been TTC for nearly 6 months now, and have been quite worried about my very light periods, they only last a day!? So I went to the doctors last week and she was great, Did and internal (was not expeting that!!) and she took some swabs. She has also referred me for a "day 21 progesterone" blood test on thurs. I know this will be detecting progesterone but do you know why a GP would refer me for this? She said it would most likely need to be repeated a month later. I should have asked her, but I always forget everything I meant to say to the doc once I'm in there! x
  • Have no idea but didnt want to r&r. Hope they are able to help you get your bfp!!Good luck!xx
  • Hi

    Sorry I am not sure why the test for progeterone but I think it is because it peaks or drops at this time in your cycle.

    It was interesting to hear you have 1 day AF, as since I came of the pill 6 months ago I have had very regular AF but only lasting 1 - 2 days each month and v light.

    I went to the docs last week and they did a hormone test and said my prolactin was a bit high, but nothing too dramatic.

    I think my body is still getting used to running it self post pill.

    Good luck with your test
  • Hi Mrs Agate,

    I had my day 21 tests done in April and they basically check to see whether or not you're ovulating normally. Mine came back to say I was about to release an egg then, so a week later than normal. It's nothing to worry about, just a blood test, and the results come back after about a week.

    Good luck - I hope the results come back with what you want.

    Moggs x
  • Moggs - can I check I am reading your post right. Did you have a 21 day test and had not yet ovulated yet, and everything was fine even though you were about to release an egg?

    The reason I ask is that when I had my 21day test back in December, and I got a + ov test on cd 23, and although my test came back fine, I also wondered if it was an accurate reading, but I guess it must be.
  • How can they tell after 1 test? My doc sent me for 2 blood tests to check for ov, first on cd 1 then a 2nd on cd 21. What can they compare day 21's hormone levels too? Good job i'm not a doctor lol!!!

  • I'm hoping I get the results from my day 21 test this afternoon - it is to check your progestrone levels are high enough to indicate that you have ovulated and remain high enough after to support implantation etc if you where to fall.

    I've also got to go back and have day 2/3 ones to check my hormones are doing the right thing before too (should be next week). The doctor also said they are likely to repeat these tests around 3 times to ensure it wasn't just one month that things didn't happen.

    Good luck, and keep your fingers crossed for my results later too if poss!!?!
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