Full of PMA

I feel full of pma this morning! My cm is building nicely(or not so nicely lol!!).I have kept to my eating plan. My lo let me have a lie in til 8am, and I have childcare arranged for whenever I ov and donor comes over the weekend. Oh and its raining here and my garden really needs the water!!!image Hope everyone else is feeling good on the run up to those bfps to get us in the february forum. ;\)
Fingers crossed for everybody!!xxxxx


  • Hi hjanea,
    I am also full of PMA. I'm off on holiday on Friday, Croatia for a week. A nice and relaxing sunny break, then when i get back i go to the hospital to see my gyneacologist and am so excited that the ball is rolling towards a BFP now. Yay.
  • Hi Slow, hope you have a really good holiday and a relax before the appointment-it'll help the time go quicker as well. I have everything crossed that they can get you sorted and get that bfp.
  • Hi hjanea, its great to hear your so full of pma this mth, your sure to get your bfp! x Lucky you slow going away for a week, hope you have a wonderful time and good luck with gyne apt. x Im too full of pma because in a few days i will be using my ov sticks for the 1st time, im so certain its gonna be my month. fingers crossed for us all xxx
  • Hi all

    Glad the PMA is flowing nicely. Mine is on the up, as no af still, expected it on Sunday. No I'm still not going to test yet, so don't even ask!!! lol

    Came in here for some more of your PMA to rub off on me.

    Btw have felt nauseas this morning, but so could have been related to the awful smell in one of the bays at work!! xx
  • Hi hjanea
    good news about your PMA. Good luck for the weekend? Did you get your full af in the end - as the last message I saw from you, you said it was a lot lighter? Hope you don't mind me asking - it is just that mines is a lot lighter this month( probably jinxed it now).

    Slow - have a fab holiday. Hope your get your bfp as a result of it.

    Mithical - sounds good. Keep the nasty witch away.

  • ooh it's nice to hear about all this PMA.

    i'm building my reserves up ready for PMA overload after next AF. fingers crossed!

    now keep that PMA up!!!!! xxxx
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