Really emotional today....

Hi Ladies,

As the title says really, I feel soooo emotional today. I even cried at Jeremy Kyle this morning when some people got reunited after not seeing each other for years! Don't know what's wrong with me, not normally this sensitive.

Am CD10 today and waiting for OV, so maybe it's on its way which is why I feel like this



  • Ah bless you hun, I have days like that, yesterday I had to stop myself crying in tescos just because I saw a little pink knitted baby hat!! image :lol:

    Big hugs, heres hoping for a better day tomorrow xx
  • Thanks's really hard isn't it and so many hormones flying around surely doesn't help!? The baby clothes are soooo cute aren't they....I keep thinking of the day that it'll be me buying them! xxx
  • It is definitely the hormones!! How easy them boys have it!

    There are some absolutley gorgeous baby clothes, I keep looking longingly at the furry all in one coats that make your baby look like a teddy bear!! Lets hope we will buying them this year!
  • Me too! AF arrived today and cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

    Just feeling so low.

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