I'm late!

Okay well I usually have two days of spotting then AF but I'm due on today and I haven't had my few days of spotting!.... I'm really hoping we've done it this time but I know we've all been here before and il probably come on in a couple of days so I'm going to wait till the 14th ... My birthday.... And if there's still no Af then il test..... It's going to be a long 4 days!!! Wish me luck lol


  • Thanks and good luck for the 14th too.... If I get my BFP on the 14th it will be the best birthday present iv ever had!!!!..... Keep popping to loo to see if anythings happened lol
  • Ooooo fingers crossed for you (& for you Keri-Anne) x
  • hey mooker...
    hows ur ttc going?...xx
  • Hi booey,

    Hi, well I'm on CD20 today and I still haven't got a clue when I have ov or even if I've ov'd! I didn't get any EWCM this month (sorry if TMI).

    I didn''t really take note of my cycle in May as I was too busy concentrating on the wedding. So we'll just wait and see. I've said to DH that if nothing happens this month, we have to knuckle down and he has to give up alcohol (or limit it) not that he's an alcoholic or anyything! This will only be our 2nd month of ttc to still early days yet but we're hardly spring chickens so we need to crack on!

    How are you? I\ve read that you're having a bit of a mare with your ov still showing positive? What cd are you?
  • Me too Hun. AF was due Wednesday and still no sign. Did my last test on Thursday and still BFN!!! I don't feel at all like AF is coming... I have no idea what us happening?
  • Wow you were due wednesday and still no af?? That's strange!.... Why not wait till the 14th too and then your a week late and test again?
  • good luck all, keep us posetd! eeeeeeek! xxxxxxxx
  • Good idea as that is hubbys birthday!!!! Although going to Prague on Monday for five nights on Monday so would have to test over there. Would you have a drink? Don't want to waste the trip not drinking only not to be pregnant!!!!!!! Not sure what to do?????
  • ooh good luck and happy birthday for the 14th!
  • Thanks piggy pops..... Well as for not drinking I still haven't come on but I'm going to give drinking a miss tonight even though were having ppl round, I just did a test and it was a BFN but because AF still hasn't arrived I don't wanna tempt fate.... However I'm not going to Prague!!!..... Surely you can have a few cheeky vinos?!? Lol
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