Do you think its over for me this month?

Morning ladies i finally cracked and tested this morning on a cheap test and got a bfn ! My af is not due till sunday and ive had all kind of symptoms going on such as sore (.)(.) ,weeing alot, brown and sometimes pink cm?
also cramps which ive have for about 5 days. Do you think ive been daft and tested too soon or is af on her way? Any advice would be greatful.
Luv clare

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  • Aww its a nightmare isnt it im going to get a cbd later and wait until sunday but knowing my luck ill buy one and the which will arrive!lol. A friend of mine had 5 bfn with her dd who is now 3 so fingers crossed for you huni.
    Luv clare
  • hiya, im also due af on sunday or monday, had no spotting or sore (.)(.)s but had sore back like muscle pain, tested today too and think i have a faint line, bit worried that only i can see it maybe! Will try again tomorro. You have had more symptoms than me. I really hope this is our month. Good luck hun xxx
  • Thx rhill keep me posted how you get on!
    Mrs happy im terrible at waiting which is daft really as if i test to early im gutted but this is only our 1st montrh ttc so chin up!lol
    Luv clare
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