Sad news - need CBFM advice urgently

I've lost my baby. I was six weeks pregnant and it just happened really suddenly yesterday. I am trying to stay positive and want to think about trying again once my body has recovered. I just wondered whether I should set my CBFM now as if this is 1st day of my AF or wait till a proper AF arrives? Does anyone have experience of this? I don't want my monitor to get confused as it worked on month 3 and I am pinning my hopes on it working again quickly. Thank you so much, Emma


  • I don't really know anything about the CBFM but I didn't want to R&R - so sorry to hear of your loss massive HUGS!!!
  • Oh Emma i am so so sorry to hear that. Personally i would leave my CBFM alone until i do start my AF properly again and then set it to CD1.

    I have never experienced a m/c but that is what i would do.

    Tink xx
  • Oh so so sorry to hear that, love and hugs are being sent your way xxxx
  • Hi Emma, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. xx

    Could you not ring the CBFM helpline? I know it's probably harder actually speaking to someone but they may be able to offer you some good advice.

    Sorry I'm not much use. Big hugs. xxxxxx
  • So sorry to hear you lost you baby...I'm no good with the CBFM as I don't have one but didn't want to read and run

  • if i was you chick i would leave it until your proper Af arrives or you will mess the cbfm up for future months,sometimes your cycles doesnt go straight back to normal

    sorry to hear your sad news x
  • Really sorry to hear that. Take care xxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear your news, look after yourself x
  • Oh Emma, so sorry to hear about your loss. I would wait until AF shows up and then start again with the CBFM, but Im no expert on it really - sorry if no help xx
  • Thanks for your lovely messages. Feeling a bit stronger today. I rang the CBFM helpline and they said to wait till real AF shows up then start again. I just feel soooo impatient and want to try again today. I can't bear the thought that it might not be until the new year now.
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