If I'm not pg I'll be rly annoyed!

Hey ladies,

Some of you will have seen my post yesterday about being bloated. I have been bloated since Sun till today although not as bad today but could get worse this afternoon as it has the last few days. Ends up with a rock hard stomach and bad gas in the evenings. I was 5DPO on Sun and am now 8DPO.

I have woken up today with the most awful headache and it's making me feel sick. I'm at work but feel like I just want to go home and sleep. I have such a fuzzy head and it hurts when I cough.

My problem is that I think it's too early to be having pg symptoms this severe so I think I might go to the docs in case it's bug as I feel rotten. If i was pg then at least I'd have an answer and feel like I can deal with it cos it's worth it but if it is a bug I'll be gutted cos I hate being ill.

Haven't got any other symptoms except a bit of watery CM and the odd twinge in my (.)(.).

What do you guys think?



  • hi again emily, im having exactly the same as u hun and im convinced that i am pregnant but trying hard not to!! My belly doesnt feel quite right and im trying not to think about it but its still there xx
  • hiya emilyjh and s.s, im the same as you two aswell! im 8dpo, sore nipples, funny twinges in my tum. im thinking it must be too early, i feel a bit sick too. this has been going on for 5 days! i keep thinking im preg, and then trying to convince myself that im not, coz i wil be sooo gutted if i get a BFN, also im rediculously hungry! its so annoying, and i reeally hope its a bfp, all the signs for us are good, i just hope our bodys arnt tricking us! x
  • yay sympton twins!! Its so hard not to get hopes up and i always wonder if im only noticing the symptons coz we are ttc and would i notice them if we wasnt?? but something def feels strange! Good luck to us all xx
  • yeah im exactly the same! ive nevr felt like this b4, mmmmm. can only hope i suppose image 6 more days til testing!
  • Hi ladies, am sorry to be the voice of doom but just want you all not to get too carried away.
    I've had the exact same my first two months ttc. I was CONVINCED both times. Tummy pulls, head aches, boob tingles, even a bleed at cd20 I was convinced was implantation. When I got my AF I even tried to tell my doc she was talking nonsense and made her give me a test.
    What I'm trying to say is that our bodies our cruel when we are ttc, and we feel a lot of things we wouldn't notice normally.
    I really do hope that you get those BFPs, but wouldn't want you upset like I was by getting carried away with symptoms. I was devastated.
    Hope you don't mind me saying so, and I wish you all the luck in the world xx
  • thanks lobyloo, im trying my hardest not oo, and trying to convince myself that im not, just so im not dissapointed, but its so difficult! xxxxx
  • Hey,
    I got my BFP at 9DPO. A few days before that i had tender (.)(.) and AF type pains but didnt really connect it as i too thought it was to early.

    Sounds good - good luck.

    When are you going to test?

  • hiya, and congrats! im testing 27th not sure baoutemilyjh tho xxxxx
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