Looking for cycle buddies...


I have just read Jay's ttc story and thought it was so sweet when she spoke about the 'the golden girls'

I have 'met' lots of lovely ladies since joining the site, some of which have moved on from ttc now... such as garfield, mrs jc, princess A, sparkly diamond and rosermary20

I thought it might be a nice idea to form a group (all welcome) and we can start a thread up which we can contribute to each time we log in, or each day!

If anyone would like to be my cycle frendie - let me know!! xxxxx

Baby Vivvy

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  • Hi Kate,

    I would like a cycle buddie, can I join?

  • Hi Mrs...J of course image

    Hows ttc? i'm still fairly new to it,,, started in Feb, but then had march, april and may off due to OH being ill - booo, and this is my first cycle of trying again xxxx
  • Hi BroodyKate...
    I'm like you, all my friends moved on to DI forums, but I'm starting to make new friends now, which is nice...

    I'm happy to be your cycle buddy, I think I've spoken to you before image

    You're more than welcome to join my thread too, which is the one call CD9 Anyone like to join, but it doesnt matter where you are in the cycle, its good to talk!!!

    My old cycle buddies pop back from time to time, to see how I'm doing which is lovely image

  • I'd love to be your cycle buddy broody kate!
    I am waiting for AF to arrive after cycle 1 of TTC - AF is late by 2 days but I'm not thinking i'm PG cos it just doesnt feel like I am!
    I think I might be late cos my cycles are still getting back to normal after being on the pill. I came off it at the end of April and have had AF for May and June, both were a 25 day cycle so it's frustrating that this one isnt going to be 25 days! GRRR!!

  • TTC is okay, I have been trying now for 3 months and still no luck. Got diagnosed with an under active thyroid too so that is putting a hindrance on. Docs would like me to stop for 1-3 months but I can't LOL we said we wouldn't actively try this month just BD when we want and I have a CBFM and if I get a peak then we will do it then.

    BTW I am 27 yrs old, married to hubby for 2 yrs x
  • Hi *curls* and baby_ivvy xxx
  • ooh mrs...j I have a CBFM too! only jsut got it so just desperate for AF to arrive so I can get going with it!

    I am 28, married my gorgeous Steve in December xx
  • Thanks **curls** i'll have a pop over image

    Hi baby vivvy my cycles are being strange too, usually 31 days but the last two have been 25 days which based on that would mean that I am due tommorow... going to wait for 31 days though.

    Mrs...J i dont actively try either which i think is prob my down fall, was going to invest in CBDM this week but my dog has been put into animal hospital yesterday and its costing me a fortune!

    Im 24 and been with OH 5 years, hoping to have a sneaky wedding in a couple of monthsimage xxx
  • *waves hello*
    You might already know my story but I'll tell you anyway (sorry if you do!)

    Been TTC for 12 months, on CD9 of month 13, bought a CBFM this month so giving that a go & also got some preseed to use if I get any peaks.
    I'm 32 as is my hubby & we got married 4 years ago in September.
    Tried temping, OPK'in, been to the docs (& got the initial OK) & also tried the relaxed approach & nothings worked so far, so hoping this month is going to be our month.

    Looking forward to meeting some new peeps image xx

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  • Baby Ivvy - it is exciting, I was desperate for her to come to play with it but desperate for her not to come so I was pg!!!

    O no, your poor dog, what's wrong with him/her?

    Oooo a sneaky wedding eh? Where and when? xx

    Are we all on FB too?

  • I got my CBFM off ebay. It was ??43 and came with 10 sticks! We will sell it once we get our BFP and are sure it is a sticky bean I think.
    Hope your dog is ok xx
  • Oooo sneaky wedding Kate, that sounds fun image xx
  • yeah I am on FB x
  • I bought mine of a friend for ??40!! I was planning on selling it again too. xx
  • Hi *curls*

    really hope you get your BFP soon! sounds like you have tried everything so i'm sure you'll be due one soon image

    My OH works away so its a tricky buisness this ttc xxx
  • *curls* that sounds hard - I really hope this is your months. There are so many successful stories from women using CBFM so fingers crossed its just a month or 2 for you then!
    are you using it yet?
    I have PCOS (quite mild I think as when I read the problems other women on this forum have I feel very lucky) Always had very regular Af before was on the pill so hoping that I ovulate as normal. I bought my CBFM after I read a post in the PCOS section that said it works for a lot of PCOS sufferers s hoping that is me!! xx
  • I am going on holiday without Steve for a week and I am pretty sure this will be my fertile bit of the month - how annoying image Although if AF comes a week late then maybe I will be ok!
  • sounds like you both got a bargain!!

    My dog was unwell for the past couple of days, very with drawn and vomitting, not eating etc.. took him to the vets yesterday and he was given 3 injections and sent home and once home he was having spazisms and then had a full on seizure it was awful! he weed all over during it, so phoned the out of hours vets and they advised i left him till today but i was having none of it and insisted on taking him in - good job i did he's had irregular blood test results and been on a drip since yesterday! i know it sounds crazy but its strange how even for my doggy my maternal instincts kicked in!

    Also I am on facebook too xxxxx
  • ooo also the sneaky wedding will hopefully take place october time... were gonna take ourselves off to the reg office and then in the evening are going for a 3 course meal at the dogs - wooohoo! xxx
  • ahh how lovely (the wedding not the dog)

    We have 2 dog and our little one Murphy who is just 5 months was ill last Month so I know how you feel! We got fobbed off over the phone and told to just starve him overnight but when we went to the emergency vet she said he was so small and weak that starving him overnight could have seriously harmed him!

    I feel very maternal towards my pups!

    Is the wedding going to be a secret Kate?xx
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