Think AF is comming, yay!!!

Never thought Id see the day when Id be happy to greet the witch :lol: But it means that we can ttc again. If I count form D&C its only 25 days but thats ok isnt it? Dont think it will start full on until tomorrow at least though. Cramps are quite painful though :cry:

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  • Hey hun i was the same waiting for af after mc....25days is fine hun, my 1st one was very painfull though, doctor said it was my body flushing things out so it can be more crampy etc than normal hun xxxx
  • Hi Fran, Didn't want to r&r. I haven't been in your situation, but have found this on the web. Hope it helps. xx

  • Thanks girls, my GP told me it would be ok to try after one cycle, though Im v nervous! My cycles before were around 27 days so not much difference. May be good idea to crack open the paracetemol then! xx
  • yay for you image I missed a period last month for no reason and was praying to come on so we can start trying and I did yesterday woo hoo it was sooo painful but the best feeling as now I feel we can do something like you said

    Just rest and have a hot water bottle thats what I have done and feel better

    k xxx
  • Fran, definitely use the painkillers whilst you can! xx
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