Test control lines


I have just POAS and the control line took ages to show (within the 5 minute window) and when it did it was and stayed really faint, should I be concerned that the test didn't quite work correctly? I wasn't completely convinced the wasn't something in the test window either!

Lolli x


  • I used predictor, not used them before, usually FR or CBD x
  • maybe a faulty test? I'd do another one to be sure huni x
  • wee in a cup and dip it in instead that way you can make sure u get enough wee on it..lol xxx
  • i agree id do another test but pee in a cup and dip,that way you get enough pee on it,might be why it took that long unless thats how you did it then i would say the test was faulty x
  • maybe give the helpline a ring the control lines are usually really strong, they might send out another?
  • Thanks ladies, I have bought some CB+ (tescos had sadly sold out of CBD) tests and will take one tomorrow - if bfn just going to wait til af shows up - thinking it might be game over for me this month and it might be OPK time as I did a lot of guess work this month!
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