What to do?!

Hi ladies,
I'm more of a lurker on here really and haven't commented very often. However, I'm currently 12DPO and am dying to test!! I've been feeling really thirsty for the last couple of days and then today I've had a strange metallic taste in my mouth. Both of which I've heard are pregnancy symptoms. I did a test the other day but it was a BFN, although it may have been too early.
Stupidly I saw the test in the bin before and had a sneaky peak and theres a very, very, very, very faint pink line on it. I know it was daft and I know you shouldn't look at tests after 10 minutes due to evap lines etc, but I just feel like I need to test to put my mind at rest!! I want it to be a BFP soooo much!!
My other worry though is that my AF isn't due to arrive until Thursday and I'm scared that if I were lucky enough to get a BFP, it may turn into a chemical pregnancy. What would you do- test tomorrow at 13 DPO, or wait??!!xx
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