I think I might have .........UPDATE BFP CBD SAYS YES!! :D

MY BFP..........

OMG in shock as I write this.............tested as last few days had really achy legs, arms all my body aches and didnt think I was due on for a few weeks.

So I tested with a FRER and 2 pink lines came up straight away. image

Needless to say we are chuffed but need to do a CBD to confirm but the line is there and bright pink.

Am just a bit frightened to do a CBD after what I went through last month.

I will post a pic tonight but have sent a pic to Littlewolf and MrsHall and they both say BFP.

Am at work at the moment!!! so have sneaked on here!!


UPDATE done a CBD when i got home and couldnt look at it so sent hubby to look heard a laugh and thought oh no BFN!! and he shouted me upstairs put his arms around me and said it says PREGNANT 1 - 2 weeks.

Lets hope its a sticky bean, thanks for all your patience with me over the last 7 months but am the happiest woman alive today just hope the CBD progresses and I have my docs appointment on Wed.

I will update you all then image


Pic of FRER this morning with fmu, please forgive the messiness in background hubbys gamesroom but no more gamesroom for him :lol: its now the nursery!!


It is so amazing to see it in words!! I hope this is it for us.

Babydust to you all and hope you will be joining us soon


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  • OMG thats fantastic! I will whisper congrats to you but have a huge cheesy grin on my face (glad nobody is around to see it!)

    Just remember that CBD are terrible so maybe try and wait a couple of days for it. Do you have any opks? Just thinking they will help you resist the urge to poas too soon for the CBD!!

    EEEEEEEE, so excited!!!! image

    My whispered congrats is getting louder... :lol:
    Much love and hugs and kisses (hormones, sorry!) xxxxxx
  • Omg you are so naughty but omg congratulations!!!

    Cant wait for the cbd results!!!

  • OMG SD first Jay and now you!! I'm going to burst with excitement here hun!! I'll whisper congratulations and I can't wait til I can shout it officially!! xx
  • I hope this is it girls eek am so excited!!!

    Its defo a line tho image no mistaking it xx
  • OMG honey that's so exciting so pleased for you -

    Congratulations honey have a happy healthy nine months x
  • OMG it is all happening on BE today!

    Congrats! Keep us posted!
    You must be over the moon..
    OK so i wasnt quiet there but im soooooo excited for you chick xxx
    How cool would it be if you got a pregnant 2-3 weeks like me and we were due the same day! xx
    Cant wait for your official announcement now xx
  • Fantastic News, Congrats!
  • wooohoooooo

    congratualtions, so hoping for a nice sticky bean!
  • Whooohooo!!! Excellent news! How exciting xxxx
    Keep us all updated xx
  • woohoo, congratulations!!
    sending you sticky baby dust.
    you definatly deserve it after the last few months wishing you a very happy and healthy 9months. xxx
  • Ah I am over the moon for you! What great news!!

    I was the same I was shaking when I came downstairs with the test in one hand and the box in the other to show OH. I then sent a pic of both to my brothers fiance to confirm it. I hadn't thought I was pregnant and did the test because OH asked me to so it was a huge shock but a nice one. Then we got a digital one and I was petrified it wasn't going to confirm it but within seconds it said pregnant but took ages to say how many weeks.

    Keep us posted!!! There might be a few of us in the March chat image



  • well done chick x
  • OMGOSH! i really hope this is it for u! u really do deserve it! do a cbd 2moro morning? oooooooooo im so excited! xxxxxxxxx

    Congratulations SD! Hope its a sticky one :\)

  • OMG how exciting! Can't wait to see the photo, really hope this is it for you hon, you deserve it so much.

    Hannah xx
  • Oh my god, congratulations. I bet you're over the moon, especially as its a definite line. Gutted you're leaving and just hope I'll be joining you next week! Have a fantastic pregnancy, looking forward to hearing how many weeks the CBD makes you x
  • How amazing!! After everything you went through last month, you deserve this SD. Don't forget to post a pic!! When are you going to do a CBD? x
  • Wooohoooooooooo!!!Congrats SD...looks like 6+ months thread had been a lucky one for a few this month!Hope there's more to come!Good luck with the CBD tomorrow-H&H 9 months to you xxxx
  • Woooo hoooo, so pleased for you. Have a h&h 9 months x
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