Boo Hoo witch arrived !! BIG CRAMPS !!

Well after about a week of spotting the witch arrived in SUPER full flow this morning with nasty nasty cramps !!! I'm not sure how I feel I mean on the one hand i'm pleased as its 34 days rather than the 96 days I had last time but on the other hand I was hoping this month might have been it. I used OV sticks for this first time but i'm not sure i used them right as I didnt know when to expect ov i just pee'd on them for loads of days but them missed a few (what may have been vital days) due to us having guests for a week and just losing track. We thought we got a positive one night as a line showed but when i re-read the packaging it said a lighter than control line was a negative, and my line was lighter.

So we are on to month........errm I think its month 5 counting periods but calender monthly its month 8. :\(

DH isnt too interested, he bought grand theft auto 4 and try to get any words out of him, or even to turn from the tv is impossible. Of course it means I cant watch tv to entertain myself as his xbox is downstairs and we dont have a tv in the bedroom.

Hmmm, i sound a wee bit whiney dont i. Sorry.


  • Sorry the witch got you Mrs W, Hopefully this will be both our month. Tell Mr Weir to get off the xbox and give you some well deserved attention. You whine away.

    Jen xx
  • sorry she found you, I felt the same whe af arrived on thurs night on cd32 but I was glad it was shorter than my last cycle (43day) and now on month 7. Keep your PMA up for this month. gd luck x x
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