CBFM - day 15 STILL low!!!!

does that mean I am not going to OV????? I have had high by day 13 both other cycles of using my CBFM. I also have NO CM at all....I was doing so well with chilling otu and not getting too caught up in TTC this month and had just been doing it every 2 - 3 days as we please and feelign relaxed. I decided to still POAS with CBFM so that my info was stored but not go out of my way to BD every single high & peak day just becuase it says so, you know...just a few times over the high & peak period BUT now that I still ahve Low Fetrlity on it ans no sign of CM I feel rubbish.

I thoguht I was maybe having some twinge sover the last couple days but obviously it's been in my mind...or maybe my hormones are not making me twinge enough to squeeze an egg out!

I felt so good about being chilled with it this month but now feel fed up to my back teeth if I don;t even have the slightest chance!:cry:


  • No, don't panic!!! The time you ovulate can change, it's the luteal phase after that should stay the same (although this wasn't the case for me :roll: ) so you may just be having a longer cycle this time.

    I panicked a few times because my highs and peaks hadn't come but they always showed up in the end.

    p.s. It is also quite normal to have the odd cycle where you don't ovulate apparently so don't worry if it doesn't show this month, although I'm sure this won't be the case xxxx
  • Thanks a lot. I keep telling myslef that it's ok if I don;t this month as I have a hol in May anyway an dthen I can drink....but I guess deep down I'd rather be rubbinh a beany belly then drinking.

    Thanks for the advice on the CBFM. I still feel like I am having dull OV aches so maybe it isn't in my mind x
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