Im confused -- Anyone know anything?!

Hi Girls,

Im Back! Lol I was on here whilst TTC my first daughter who is now 17months! I really need to change my screen name!

Me and Hubby are trying for Baby number 2 however --- Here's my dilemma -- I am late for AF, was due Tuesday just gone! I did a test on Tuesday -- Negative, I did another one yesterday morning with my 1st wee of the morning -- Negative! Have been getting slight period cramps but not as strong as normal, so I really dont know what to think at the mo!

I am an emotional wreck! My hormones are all over the place (nothing new there when AF is due!) With my first one we tried for months and when I fell everything was simple, Kind of knew I was already pregnant before test, did test on a missed AF positive!

Anyone been through what I'm going through? Or can shed any light on why im totally going round then bend?!?!

Any help will be appreciated girls!!

Sprinkling Baby dust to you all xxxx


  • Hey I am afraid I don't have the answer!
    But I did have a cycle where my period was late - had loads of BFNs and then it just turned up a week late.

    On the other hand, in some pregnancies the HCG levels are jsut really low to begin with and it can be as late as 19dpo before you get your BFP.
    Fingers crossed for you x

  • Hi Snuggle ---

    Well Im pregnant!!!! It was exactly a week late my tests decided to show It was positive!! Im so happy!!!! So it works out I am -- 5 weeks and 2 days!!

  • Thank you!!

    I have also just realised that I dont need to change my screen anymore either!! Hehe xxx
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