cd21 of 28 and .....

I am just OV'ing got a pos opk yesterday and BD image :lol:

So i am moving my af day and chilling out.................

Dotty....... Ive now lost a stone image image image in 3 weeks xxxxx

I had me ct scan wednesday and was told i had to wait 4 weeksto get an appointment with my head doc...... I have a rushed app TODAY image i cant sleep my boys still sleeping and all i keep thinking about is him i have to be ok for him x

I am being kept busy and were out tonight for a " there's nothing wrong with me dinner " so ill b back on 2mro and tell you all what happened xx

gems xx :\( :cry: :\(


  • Hi Gems,
    Fab news on the weight loss, you're doing so brilliantly!!
    I've got goosebumps reading your post, I really really really hope your appointment goes well today and if there is anything wrong you must be positive that it's early days and you will be around for your wonderful little boy and for the baby you'll be conceiving this month, PMA PMA PMA!!!

    I'll be looking out for your post tomorrow, be strong, enjoy your dinner tonight and sod the diet for one day!!

    ((((((((((( Big Hugs )))))))))) xxxxxx
  • Hi Gems
    Just wanted to say i really hope your appointment goes well today, It's a good thing that they have got you in so you don't have to wait around and worry about results.
    Let us know how you get on xxxxxxxx
  • i hope everything goes well for you honey.

    x x x x
  • I hope everything goes well and good luck for your BFP hun.

  • Good luck Gembags and well done with your weight too. How have you lost your weight? (If you don't mind me asking).

    V xxx
  • Hey sweetheart, love and hugs coming your way. Hoping everything is ok and that you get your bfp xxx
  • hi hun hope everything went ok today, sending hugs and wishing that bfp for youxxx
  • Hi Gems,
    How are today? I hope everything went ok, you've been in my thoughts xx
  • Hiya Gembags, missed seeing you around lately!
    Hope everything is okay - well done on the weight loss!
  • Morning........

    Well i went to hosp yesterday saw the doc and i dont have a tumor or blood clot image image image image image image image

    I have high pressure in my head and eyes and have some more appointments and things but its nothing major image and i can start thinking about ttc again image properly.
    I am so happy we went out for dinner and i had so much to eat :lol:

    Havent been on much as its been so stressful esp as 2 years ago my step bro died (age 26) im 25 of a tumor in the brain :cry: so its brought alot back for my little family........

    My weightloss has just been eating less and properly image

    looking forward to a BFP very soon af is gonna be late and i only started gettin ewcm and ov pains (and +opk) 2 days ago and af due in 5 days......

    good Luck everyone and THANK YOU ALL xxXXXxx gems xxXXXxx

  • Thats brilliant news Gem, bring on the BFP!!! XX
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