Still no AF or BFP...

and it's getting a little bit frustrating but I'm not stressing.

I went back on microgynon in May this year and my last pill date was 22nd Oct. I had my period on 25th October and haven't had one since. I am week late, I am never late - always like clockwork even before I went on the pill almost 10 years ago.

The first pregnancy I had I waited til I was a week late for AF and did a test and it was BFP straight away but this time BFN everytime I test. I've used the cheapy ebay ones and the sainsbury own branded ones.

The only symptoms I have is, tiredness, fuller boobs, bloating, dizzyness and feeling sickly. Even then I don't know if they are just in my head!!!

Is it possible a HPT can't pick up a BFP for maybe a week or later than AF is due? I have decided to test again a week today and still if BFN I am going to go to the docs and find out what's going on :\?


  • Sara that sucks!
    It could be that this time the pill has messed your system up a bit.
    Fingers crossed it's a shy bean though!!! Some ladies have taken longer to get a +ve HPT xxx
  • thanks - I just hope I get my AF so can try again or BFP so I can stop being frustrated
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