Feeling blue :(


Been feeling a bit miserable since last night because i'm almost certain we haven't made a baby this month image Stupid thing is i'm not due on til Sunday so haven't tested yet but i've had absolutely no symptoms so i'm already assuming i'm out of the running. Only thing thats different is that i've had loads of spots all month rather than my usual outbreak just before AF.

We did BD at all the right times but I always presumed that if I got pregnant I would somehow know? Pretty naive. My friends all managed to get pg within a couple of months or it was unplanned which is making me feel a bit frustrated. Plus i've got my 5th or 6th cold in the space of 4 months so feeling a bit sorry for myself image

Sorry for the moan!


  • sorry to hear your feeling blue chick,its not at all easy this ttc malarky is it

    i am the same as you this month with regards to spots and its really gotten me down,i can handle 2 every month or so but not constantly gggrrrrrrrr

    with regards to knowing you wer preg by symptoms then everyone is differnt hun you just never know,my sister had 3 weeks to go with my first nephew as they told her she had an uncer in her stomach!!! it was 1 nurse that said i think you might be pregnant and got an untra sound too see,that was after countless tests before,which all came back neg hence why they thought it was an ulcer lol

    then with my 2nd nephew she has a bit longer or 3 months before he came lol all because she had not one symptom x x

    i no its hard chick but try keep your chin up x
  • HI Hun ! I know how you feel xx

    Try and do things to take your mind off it all and chill out. When I feel like this I have a hot bubble bath, or get o/h to give you a head massage etc etc : )

    As for symptom spotting - every one is different! You still could be this month - its not over till AF comes xx and if it does come - next month will be your month xx

    Try to cheer up and relax about it a bit more - too much stress = much harder to get pg xxxx

    BIG HUGS xxxx
  • DH has just said (in a kindly way I should add) that if it doesn't happen this month we'll just keep trying. Never thought it would happen straight away but meh image tmi but have had a bit more cm than normal and had a couple of nights full of really vivid dreams. Am NOT reading into it though, had some symptoms last month and it turned into nothing.

    Grudie, can't believe your sister went that long without anyone realising! I had a stomach ulcer a couple of years ago and while i've not been pregnant before i'm sure it's nothing like a stomach ulcer!
  • Sorry to hear you feeling down plumduff..

    Hope you get your PMA back soon...everyone's right, its not over until AF arrives so try & relax for a little while (P.S. I'm very good @ giving advice but don't listen to it myself so understand if you just ignore me :lol: )

    x x x
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