pink line in cm after wiping sorry TMI!

hi ladies, im 9DPO and have been taking cheap ebay preg tests since 7dpo, as some of you will know i think i had evaperation lines on 2 tests, but this mornings had nothing, the ones i took at 7 and 8 dpo had a second pinky line appear after about 3 mins, then it faded and went grey and almost disappeared! so iv been very confused. like i say this mornings had no second line at all! anyway i just went to the loo sorry tmi and when i wiped there was creamy cm with a single line of pink, it almost looked like a hair image and was about an inch long, has anyone had this before???

ashy xxx


  • I did reply but BE ate it.
    I have only ever had this after ov. It could be implantation though so I would test again in a few days.

    Good luck xxx
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