What do you most want to buy?

I was thinking this when we were out the other day, I really want to buy some little socks, silly I know! Also one of those baby towel things with the head corner. What do you most want to buy?


  • clothes and bath stuff lol it is really silly x
  • a pushchair lol theres so much choice,when my youngest(whos 10 now)started nursery i felt there was sumthing missin first few weeks,didnt have nething 2 push in front of me lol
  • I also want to buy a pram, but im also drawn to cute little socks and those soft shoes! They are so cute! Love shopping so cant wait to be able to buy anything baby related! image

  • I'm with you socks - love the towels with the little hoods. Also one of those badges that say 'I'm not fat, I'm pregnant'! lol xx
  • a pram!! despite telling my family to calm down a bit when i was pg recently before mc, they still got the Silver Cross book and we chose a pram (they said they would buy us a pram, family tradition....) so at least now if i get pg again i know exactly what pram i want!!!!!!

  • definately clothes and bedding for the cot! There's loads of really cute stuff out there!
  • I cant wait to buy a new pram, like a quinny as you said Paula. I have everything else from dd but if its a boy then ill be buying everything new again. actually i cant wit to buy a cute little outfit for the journey home from hospital. i dressed my dd in a winnie the pooh sleep suit in natural colours, sooooo sweet xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Infant carrier! I have seen a gorgeous one by Recaro and I really am itching to go out and buy it! Ive got everything else, but it doesnt stop me from looking on all the sites and in the mags. And I just cant pass a baby shop without at least looking in the window!


  • I can't wait to by a travel system, I'm always checking other people's out. Also maternity clothes!! I know that's probably a bit mad, but I so want to have a bump!!



  • Saw a fab football bib in tesco's the other day that said 'World's best dribbler'!
    Also, I love mini dungarees - sooooooo cute!

    So much I can't wait to buy - cot, pram, toys, clothes. Can't wait. x
  • I really want to go and by some maternity wear so i can show off my bump (when i get one) lol. xxx
  • i want a phil and teds!!!! i cant wait (fingers crossed!!) to walk to the nursery to pick my lil one up with my newborn in the buggy!!!!



  • Cute outfits and maternity clothes that make me look glam and not an inflated balloon!!
    Also the travel system, OH wants gadgets I want style!
    I'd also buy sticky babydust if i could.



  • The three things I mostly want to buy are a moses basket, push chair and shoes!

    I love tiny little shoes!!! And I want everything to be Winnie the Pooh - I just find it so adorable!!!

    Plus I want my pushchair to be really different looking - like the Bugaboo one at mothercare!

    I just know as soon as I get that BFP I'll be wanting to shop everyday!! :lol:
  • Sorry to be dumb but what is a "Phill and Teds"? We really are all mad aren't we?!
  • They are a type of pushchair hun xx
  • I want a Silvercross pram!!!
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