Ruddy coverline! - Its ok, got it!!!

How do you calculate a coverline in celcius? I'm using the free version of FF and it says I have 13 temps above the coverlne, but I don't know how its worked that out! looked online and all the answers are slightly different!

Thanks xxx


Got FF to put in the CL for me, was being blonde, lol!


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  • Sorry hun I dont chart my temps so wouldnt know how to do it. Good luck tho your symptoms sound promising, are you testing in a couple of days?
  • Yeah, testing tomorrow! Bit nervous but hey, lol!

    Hows you doing sweetie, have you got your bfp or is your cycle still messing you about? Happy New Year btw xxx
  • Happy New Year hun, I was having a blonde day and realised I didnt do the test properly yesterday because I tested again today and dont think there is a line and the control window went pink and yday it didnt. I can only think the container I peed in yesterday wasnt big enought to cover the end of the stick lmao!!!

    So no onto Month 2 for us and we BD last night and this morning, trying to do the SMEP but be a bit more relaxed and enjoy it this month!

  • Ahh hun, even poas isn't simple! lol!

    Good luck doing the SMEP, its worked for so many girlies, it has to work for us! Enjoy all that bd'ing! lol! xxx
  • I got excited yesterday and thought i could see a faint faint line and then realised this morning I cant have done the test properly as the control box didnt go over pink yday i dont think. Hard to tell because I peed in a container and held it downwards, whereas this morning I POAS expecting to see another line and now I think ha ha it was all in my imagination or wishful thinking.

    Good luck hun x
  • I know sweetie, its so difficult though especially when we want it soo much. We'll get our 2010 bfps though! Babydust coming your way! xxx
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