i feel bad :o/

hi all, me and my hubby have been trying for a few months now to get pregnant with no success. this is ok, but my sister in law is 3 or so months pregnant, which means a lot of topic at my mother in law's house is her baby. i feel awful as i should be over the moon and really pleased for her but i cant bring myself to be the sister i should about it. to top it off, a friends wife has just announced her pregnancy and i felt like crying!not sure if im a nice person x:\(


  • Oh honey dont you feel sad about wishing you had a baby too. I feel the exact same.

    I have cried and moaned and sulked becase my SIL is preg by accident and complaining constantly about it where-as we really want our own LO. I wouldnt feel bad because you're sad though. I know its horrible but just do whatever you can to get 'through' feeling sad. Eat chocolate or go out, or stay in and snuggle up and keep cosy.

    BUT please dont think you are bad because you are sad. You'd be sad about it even if nobody else you knew or ever saw had a baby. So just because its hard for you to be around these people it doesnt mean you are going to push them over!! You only are wishing you could BOTH have a little one.

    When you have a little bean im sure lots of ladies will see you and imagine or think to themselves how much they want a LO or wish they had one too.

    Just please dont be sad over being sad. You can feel whatever you want, and im sure these women know how you are feeling. They might have been there too.
  • Hi Deballen
    firstly, big hugs to you(((( )))) dont get all worked up over this its totaly normal, as much as we would all love to think we are good people its not allways possible to hold back these sort of feelings when you are desperatly wishing it was your turn.

    not sure there is anything i can say to make it easier- just that when the time is right you will get that BFP ( thats what i keep telling myself anyway )

    xxx & baby dust
  • thanks girlies, i think in the trying stages, babies and scans seem to be everywhere and its a hormonal time!thanks so much for your support, it means a lot to know ppl understand and dont think im a nasty cow x
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