PMA starting to fade already

Just had a call from an old work colleague to say she's 13 weeks pregnant. Also spent weekend with old school friend and her 3 month old and her sister who is due in 5 weeks. Plus best friend is 10 weeks pregnant with her 2nd. Feeling very left out. PMA was high at start of the month but has now taken a nose dive. Haven't even started my 2ww yet!!! Should be tomorrow. Sorry for sounding so sorry for myself. Think I'll reach for the dairy milk as wine is out of bounds.:\(


  • oh Hun that must have been difficult! Got the choc out sit infront of the telly and enjoy the apprentice and those desperate housewives!
    Keep your chin up chick!x
  • Its so hard when everywhere you look there are pregnant women and small babies,and I think it gets to us all at times. Have the dairy milk and start tomorrow anew. Every time its a fifty fifty chance - this month might be YOUR month! Good luck! x
  • Noooooo you can't lose your PMA, you have the best name on the forum! Lots of luck.
  • The apprentice and the dairy milk have cheered me up. What an awful bunch of people!!!! Not like you ladies, thanks for the positive vibes!
  • Deputy G
    Hang in there - really no pun intended. The apprentice... well mr jenko lurves it so we watched too. Its the lies they tell that I find stupifying !! Addictive no.
    I pretty convinced I didn't ovulate again so PMA is fairly low.
    You just never know though..
    Take care - at some point there will be a world in which CM is not important at all

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