Evaporation lines?

Hmmm! In need of some advice lovely ladies!

Is there a distinctive difference between evaporation lines and bfp's?

Do evaporation lines tend to be thinner? Or off centre of the test window? Do they have colour? Would I get evaporation lines on two different tests? I've 'googled' but not really got any answers!



  • do tell missy!!!!!!! x
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    I don't know if there's anything to tell yet! I'm scared!! Dud you get my text? I'm on my phone been googling crazy today!!xx
  • G/Cing from pregnancy - but do you think you might have had an evap line? You sounds like I did at first! These are my first tests, which I thought were evap lines. They appeared overnight at 7dpo. They're first response tests, taken apart. I think evap lines tend to be colourless or grey, and will appear where a positive line should, I think the reagent can leave a mark when it evaporates (hence the name). If the test line is the same colour as the control line then I think it's unlikely to be an evap line.
    If you've had one then good luck image

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  • image you'd better tell me,sorry i cant help with your Q tho xx

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  • Thank you beccaroo! Just about to look....

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  • Hi
    I had an evaporation line on a 10miu cheap dip test and it was faint pink just like the control line - so evil!
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