Fed up

I still have no answers and its really getting to me now. Feel so stupid. I just want to be normal. I was so pleased when my periods came back after stopping the pill now they seemed to have gone awol and im feeling useless. My Oh doesnt really understand he thinks it will happen but with no periods it wont! ive known people to fall pg on the pill so whys it so hard to concieve when ur not taking it anymore? I just dont get it! Im frustrated and fed up and this is only month 2. I just want my body work. I want people to stop saying relax it will happen, let nauture take its course, give it time and it will be ok. Im not feeling ok im feeling rubbish. I know u girls understand which is why i can write this here and not feel crazy. Everytime i think of periods and ttc i get all tearful, i can handle af comming and not getting a bfp but having no period and a bfn is worrying me. I know some of you have been trying for a lot longer than me and proberly think i have no right to moan but i have to write it somewhere. Its not the not pregnant part that worrys me its the not having anything part, not having af and not having bfp. Its the fact that not even the doctor (as nice as he was) could give me any answers. I feel like im letting my oh down because im not even getting periods now, he must think im so strange. Why cant my body just do what other girls bodys do? The thought of letting him down makes me even more upset. I didnt relise ttc would be a rollercoaster of emotions for being really happy thinking u done it to being really misrable. I didnt relise it would be this hard.
Thank you all for reading xxx


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