CD30 and I've just done the test......

Ok, so I'm on CD30 today and my AF is due but I cracked at lunch time and couldn't take the suspense of feeling like I might be pg and not knowing so I snuck out of work and bought some first response tests and....

I got two lines! The second one is lighter and thinner than the first but there is definitely a second line.

I felt different this month - frequent peeing, no AF symptoms, slightly tender breasts, nausea.

I've told hubby and he's excited and thrilled. He said that he'll feel better once it's been confirmed by the doctor.

I am still at work at the moment, trying to keep a handle on my emotions. I've wanted a baby for so long. I've been a step-mummy to my two step-sons for 4.5 years and I've longed for a baby of my own. I was scared it would never happen for me. We didn't even plan to start TTC on the honeymoon - we just did and it's happened! I'm going to try not to get too over excited because it's very early days. It doesn't feel real yet.

I can't wait to go home and give hubby a cuddle.



  • OMG thats fantastic news. Congratulations hun.

  • OMG!!! That's fantastic!!!! Congrats hun! I'm on cd30 & am dying to do a test but have promised myself to wait a while as I know the min I buy one AF will show!
    OOo how exciting for you!

    Was it FMU?

    So happy for you!

    Sorry- with all the excitement for you, I've just re-read and realise you went out at lunchtime so unless you have a very strong bladder I presume it wasn't FMU! Ha! Ooo you've given me hope now,I might pop to get a test now!

    Congrats hun x

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  • Yay congratulations hun xxxxx
  • Yay congratulations hun xxxx
  • Woohoo Congrats hun!!! I would not worry about the line being lighter. Mine was a good bit lighter and got my Pregnant 1-2 on the same day. Most of the time nowadays the doc goes by the HPT as they are as sensitive as the docs ones so might not confirm as such.

    Congrats again xxx
  • Wahooooooo great news hun, hopefully I will be joining your club soon xx
  • Wow a honeymoon bfp too - congratulations to you. x
  • Wow, a honeymoon bfp too - congrats to you. x
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. It hasn't quite sunk in yet.

    Mooker - yeah I couldn't wait so did it at lunch time. I was expecting it to be neg because it's still early. Have you got any symptoms?

    I hope you all get bfps so we can join the DIM group together!
  • woohoo thats great congrats!!!! im loving your name btw lol!!!
  • woohoo thats great congrats!!!! im loving your name btw lol!!!
  • woooohoooooooooo congratualtions x
  • Wow...Congratulations honey...don't worry about lines with ds I tested in the evening and line was lighter but did cbd next day and got 1-2

  • congratulations!! xxxxxx
  • Excellent news Hun.. Big congratulaiobs to you!!

  • Congrats! Hopefully you'll bring us all some good luck! My AF is due (although hopefully won't show up) on Thursday or Friday. I'm so hoping it's this month for me too. Good luck image x
  • Hi again, Broodymare,
    No I haven't got any symptoms. I did have slight AF type pains but nothing at all today. Although, I was very naughty and just rushed out to do a FR test and negative...Gutted! Anyway this post is about YOU hun So I'm not going to whinge on!!

    So, you get home and have a big cuddle with your hubby!! Congrats hun, really pleased for you x
  • congratulations image xx
  • Congratulations!! Have a wonderfully H&H 8 months!! xx
  • Congratulations hon
    Hope its a H + H 9 monthsimage xx
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