BFP:-)...But brown/pink discharge/CM

Hi Ladies,

I got my BFP today- well I got 3! Good line on a FRER! I don't know how many DPO I am thanks to a weird cycle- I am cd27 and my cycles are normally short-however I do think I ov'd later than normal. I am guessing I am 12dpo ish.

Really pleased but (why oh why does there have to be a but!) when I went to the loo and wiped there was browny/pinky tinged CM- It was almost jelly like and a bit mucasy (sorry for the TMI!)

Does anyone have any experience of anything similar? My symptoms have been promising-feeling pretty rough, sick, dizzy and headachy. I am going to be really paranoid though because I had a chemical pg last Aug and a MC at 5+1 just two months ago

Thanks girlies




  • congrats hun xxx fingers crossed its a sticky bean xx
  • Congrats! I had exactly the same kind of CM last week, i hope that its a positive sign!. My AF is due next monday, (but its my first month of the pill so who knows!)

  • Congratulations hun, not sure about the Cm but it's understanding you are going to be paranoid. I have read that it is very normal to have spotting around the time you would normally have AF so maybe it is just that? Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hi
    g/c from DIN
    Congratulations on youir BFP. Brown/pink CM is fine - it's really common to get small bleeds through first few weeks. There will be implantation blood to come out, you may get breakthrough bleed around time of AF. You then have a lot of blood going to your uterus to start making the placenta and the skin inside your cervix can be quite thin so friction (such as bd'ing for eg) can make you bleed. You can also have haematoma's (bruises) around your womb which can bleed alot.

    If you have alot of red and clotty blood and cramping - it's probably an MC. If you get a little red blood which then goes brown - it's likely just a small bleed.

    I've had bleeds at 5 and 6 weeks and later at 12 and 14. I'm now 16+5 and everything looks good so far.
    I spoke to my GP after the first bleed and then had a scan after the second (everything was fine).
    If brown cm continues and gets redder - call your GP. But hopefully it will just go on it's own.
    Best of luck - take care of your self

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be reading this hun!!! I've had the weekend from hell (not anything to do with me but a very close friend) and this is really what I needed to hear, some good news to cheer me up!!!! I'm even crying I'm so happy for you!!!! Please please beanie stick!!!!
    Try not to worry about having brown or pink discharge hun. A bit TMI but even now I'm having it some days and I had some Sat morning after a bit of erm 'playtime' scared the living hell put of me but I've kind of just gotten used to it with this pregnancy. Really praying this is just your bean settling in nicely. I have EVERYTHING crossed for you Joy,
    All my love and sticky dust,
    Sarah x x x x x
  • Hi I am new to all this, and have just as of 2 minutes ago joined the site. I'm not sure what all the abbreviations mean so might need some help with that if anyone minds. I have just come off the pill (day 4) and had my fake bleed. Am ttc and am sooo impatient, my Boyfirend and I are keeping it secret from our friends and family because we can't stand everyone asking every 5 minutes if I am pregnant. Also I lost my mum when I was 14 years old and kinda feel upset about ttc in the sense that the person I most want to talk to about it I can't so I'm hoping this site will be a good support network.

    Also I am soooooo excited about ttc
    Vix xx
  • Hi congrats huni i really wouldnt worry about your cm .I had this with my other pg i had pinky cm for a few weeks on and off and the brown is ok its your body getting rid of the old blood (tmi sorry!) well thats what my mw told me when i asked in the passed. Have a h&h 9 months !!
    Luv clare
  • Congratulations hun!

    I wouldn't worry about the discharge its probably just implantation at this stage. Obviously if it gets heavier then maybe see someone but try not to stress, easier said than do I know!

  • Congratulations!

    I got my BFP yesterday too and I have a had quite alot of discharge the last few days, no colour to it but I keep going to the loo to check that AF hasn't turned up and my BFP was just a dream!!

    When are you due? I think mine is 31st January/1st February.

    Kerrie x
  • congratulations xx
  • Thanks Ladies,

    Fingers massively crossed I have had no further pink/brown CM...

    Went to the drs this morning-he was very helpful and said he thinks the CM is nothing to worry about but sent me for blood tests as I have had two early mc's.

    I don't think I have let it sink in yet, got to take one day at a time.

    Sarah-thanks so much hun! Your post was so sweet! image

  • Hi hun

    CONGRATS woohoo you so deserve it after what you have been through, I have just got back off my hols so was lovely to read this post.

    Hope to be joining you soon, have a fab pregnancy xx
  • Just wanted to let you know that I have experienced this too - got my BFP today but on monday I had enough blood to think AF had started, no more though after monday and i've only had light brown cm. I'm not worried as had this up until 3/4 mths pg with dd.
    Its normal and as said before unless its accompanied with cramping and a lot of red there is no reason to be concerned.x x
  • Good news, glad everything is looking bright with bubs!

  • Hi ladies, I have had brown discharge since the weekend, and it has carried on to today, but today I got a BFP. Just reading this for reassurance that it is nothing to worry about I guess!! x
  • congratulations loubyloo. Sorry to g/c loubyloo when was your af due or what day are you on? And did you have any bfn before your positive? X
  • Thanks Vicsy,
    I'm on CD 31, and usually have a 28 day cycle. But I think I may have ov'd late this month due to my ewcm (not 100% as I don't use OPKs) so I wouldn't have been hugely surpirsed if she was late. If she had been on time she should have come on Tuesday, if I did ov late then she would be due this Saturday. I had a BFN on Saturday and on Monday - both with Clear Plus +. Today was a FRER. I just want to get the weekend out of the way, then I might feel a little but more confident with my result.
    Are you due AF/to test? x
  • My af is due on Sunday but I'm getting lots of brown stuff (sorry tmi) I used a tampon but there was hardly anything on it. Done a test today just a cheap amazon one (had one left and want to use it to get it out of the way) and it was bfn. My period has never been this early. X are you going to do a digital? I bet you are really excited. X
  • I have a box in the drawer - might try one at the weekend. I'm hugely excited but trying to remain calm for the nexy few days until I'm 200% sure AF has passed! Fingers crossed for you. My brown stuff started on Sunday and I was convinced it wasn't our month. x
  • I really do hope this is our month and that it's not my af. Good luck for your cbd test. X x
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