Hi all

Hi, i'm new to ttc. This is our first month of trying. Already have a 2 yr old daughter but she was a happy accident that i didnt find out i was carrying til 30 weeks! Anyways...husband and I are in the first month of ttc casually and i have another week 2 wait til i can test and its driving me mad. I have been broody 4 about a yr but husband didnt want another one at all at first so had 2 persuade him gently!
Can i just ask everyone what shud i be looking out for in terms of symptoms etc? Hope things r good for everyone.


  • oh no guess your another ss!! me too-i cant help myself lol...ok what symptoms are u looking for? ov pg? xx

  • hi, thanx 4 the reply.how is everything going with u?
    af is due on th 20th so waswondering bout pg symptoms. im very headachy the last couple of days n have a little bit of cramping on left side of stomach. normally i dont get cramps til 1/2 days b4 af. so just wondering if it cud mean anything or if im just being silly n hoping too much.xox
  • headaches are a symptom, also cramping could mean implantaion?
    im on cd 21 and due on the 23rd dec, not far apart from each other-hopefully get our bfps!! xx


  • Hey TMD,

    Welcome to BE. Can't really help you with symptoms, I have allof them every month but never get a BFP :lol:

    Good luck xx
  • hello TMD and baby dust to you!
  • hello!
    I'm relatively new on here too, only been ttc for a month and in that month i was super symptom spotting! ah well, think it's hard not to when you're wanting something! plus i'd never really taken notice of my body before and what it was up to each cycle - least now i know!
    lots of luk and baby dust xx
  • i am on day 20 of a 28 day cycle...
    hubs and i are only half heartedly trying this month as i have it in my head i don't want an august baby... will get to it properly in jan....

    though i may just be telling myself that as i think we have missed it this month!!
  • Hi, thankyou 4 all ur replys. I think its driving me crazy cos i've wanted another child for so long but waiting for hubby to decide and now he has said yes i just cant wait...i'm not a very patient person when it comes to waiting 4 things.lol
    Have a week left before I can test but i keep thinking bout testing early.Is this a really bad idea?
    Good look to all of u as well n hope u all get +ve test results.xox
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